Two comments

The Arvon Ale House

AFTERNOON session, starting *2pm*

MONTHLY - 2nd Sunday of the month

Repertoire is mixed - predominantly Irish, English and Welsh tunes, with the occasional song. We’ve also had a young clog dancer at the session.

The venue is a recently opened microbrewery pub, selling artisan beers and ciders (and Frobishers juices, for the soft drink connoiseurs). It has nice acoustics and a warm, friendly atmosphere. If there is one drawback, it is that the session draws in quite a crowd of punters and the music can begin to get lost in the general hubbub. But they are, nevertheless, an appreciative crowd.

This is a MONTHLY session, nominally the 2nd Sunday of the month (but it has only run twice so far, so this may change). The next two sessions are on 8th February and 8th March. Please check the venue’s Facebook page or contact them by phone or email, to check subsequent dates.


This now on twice a month (2nd and 4th Sunday) but starts a bit later, at around 4pm. Going strong, and oh, the beer at that place!