Lord Eldon

27 Tatton Street, Knutsford, Cheshire, England

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Lord Eldon

First Tuesday of the month. 9pm.

The Lord Eldon Session

Hello Andy,
I’ve just seen your session listed on ‘The Session’. What sort of music will it be? I’m in Newcastle, Staffs. so not too far away. You can see details of our session on the website.

Best wishes,

Martin D’Arcy

The Lord Eldon Session - Knutsford

Hello Martin

Thanks for the interest.

The music depends on who turns up! More seriously, it tends to be English, Scottish, and a little Irish and French trad folk music, and with a few contempoary or traditional songs from one of the regular guitarists. We are pretty open to people doing other things, and a poet sometimes does his stuff.

I’ll check out your session thanks, as it is not far,

Best wishes

Lord Eldon - update

We now start at around 8.30pm. English, Scottish, Irish and a bit of French tunes at a fairly steady pace, plus contemporary and traditional acoustic songs.