Corrib Irish Pub

5522 N Elston Ave., Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Corrib Irish Pub

Weekly session on Thursday nights starting around 8 pm. They may have one on Sundays starting at around 4 pm as well, but I’m not sure they are still doing it. The bar owner is a musician himself, so this is a very music-friendly place.


I got in touch with the bar, the Sunday one is also happening, it goes from about 4 to about 7 pm.

Thanks to Kathy Whistler for contacting us at THE CORRIB IRISH PUB. I appreciate her sharing our Session times here. We have sessions regularly every Thursday night at 8pm, hosted mainly by Sheila Doorley, Pat Quinn, JTJ &Frank Quinn. We encourage people to join us for some great fun.
Every Sunday we have a great session at 4pm with Laurence Nugent or Jimmy Keane leading the show, accompanied by Frank Quinn. The craic is very enjoyable on Sunday at THE CORRIB. We are situated at 5522 N. ELSTON AVE, (close to the D.MV., ) I hope you get the chance to stop in for a great experience and to make new friends!

Re: Corrib Irish Pub

I will be in town on January 5th. First Sunday of the new year. Who will be hosting?