Railway Tavern

23 Crouch End Hill, Crouch End, London, England

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Railway Tavern

Following the demise of the session at the Great Northern Railway Tavern, a member wrote:

There is a new one starting up about half a mile away on Wednesdays (for a minimum of six weeks from time of posting) - at the *Railway Tavern*, on Crouch Hill, 23 Crouch Hill, N4, (not to be confused with the Great Northern Railway Tavern) !

We had a fantastic time at the session listed here, thanks to everyone at the GNRT, and looking forward to more of the same, in the throbbing heart of crouch end, at the Railway, 23 Crouch Hill N4, wednesdays, an 8pm start !

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I should stress that the Railway is on Crouch End Hill, not Crouch Hill, as the original poster suggested.

Both the #41 and the #91 stop very close to the pub.

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Railway Tavern

Great new Irish traditional music session at the Railway Tavern, Crouch End Hill.
Lovely log fire (significant at time of writing) and a beautiful room with fine acoustics to the rear of the pub.
Anchored with high quality backing by either Tad Sargeant or Anthony McGrath on bouzouki/guitar, and a range of quality players in attendance making for a lovely evening of tunes.
Making all the difference, our hostess managing the venue absolutely loves the music (indeed, why else host a session ? : ) ), and all in all looking like a fine new venue for tunes in this part of North London. The Railway Tavern is easily reached by a short bus ride up from Finsbury Park on the W7, among other routes.
Tunes starting at 8pm Wednesdays.

IMPORTANT - Pub being refurbished on 18th Feb 2015, so no session this day - back as normal the following wednesdays !

IMPORTANT - The Railway Tavern is closed for some refurbishment on 18th Feb 2015, so no session this day - back as normal on the following wednesdays !
Hope to see you on Wednesdays from 25th Feb onwards - this really is turning into a great session, with lots of interest and participation, listening and playing, from within the locality and beyond !

Re: Railway Tavern

Hi! A friend and I are interested in coming and we’re hoping this session is still going on. Will there be one tomorrow (Jan 3rd), and if so, still starts at 8pm?