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The Star Club Session

The Star Club Session is the latter half of Irish Folk night, hosted weekly by Jan Peters & friends. The first half features a variety of Irish bands & musicians from 7-9, then an open session which gathers around shortly following & plays into the night. The session will occasionally be featured in the first half; the next date will be March 16th in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day!

We are compiling a list of common tunes that current session-ers are familiar with and will be posting it soon. A list of dates in which the session will be featured in the first half is also in the works. We look forward to playing with you and sharing in our love for this wonderful music!

Tune list

Hi Kera,
How can someone post a tune list for the group here? I don’t see a place for it. 🙂

Tune list

Maybe in the original body of the post on The Star Club?