The Horse & Groom

131 Merton High Street, Merton, London, England

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Starts shortly after nine pm. Supposed to be very good, and friendly. I found it a bit patchy, and not much craic, but was assured this was an inordinately quiet night.


Danny …

By all accounts the Sunday afternoon sessions here are great crack!

(Not that I’ve been. Merton’s a long haul by public transport!)

Yeah - but isn’t that more of a gig. The great John Bow displaying his talents, so I’ve heard.

Alan O’Leary (flute) and his daughter Claire (fiddle), between them, know every tune going. It’s a great session for increasing one’s repertoire.

Photo Album

Some pix from the Tuesday session.


I’ll take back what I said since 2 years ago - I’ve been down since then and it’s a lively, jumping, well-attended AND friendly session. That first time I guess I caught it on a bad night - every session has them!

I’ve been going to this session for about three months - am enjoying it immensely as a relative newcomer to the irish tunes. Plenty of friendly players, and some real talent too. very wide repertoire (or so it seems to me) - i rarely hear the same tune twice! (not much help when you’re learning though!) Need more like this on other nights of the week.

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I hear that sister! I love getting down to the kilkenny when I can. Theres always a fairly good selection of instruments there even if it sometimes lacks a rythm section and theres always that fella that can play the pipes well (something I’ve found to be very rare in london). I’d recommend the session at Dylans in Lewisham on a Sunday first and foremost to you but the blythe hill tavern is good on a thursday as well.

is kane o’rourke over this weekend??????

i’ve heard kane is doing a session in the killkenny this sunday? does anyone else hear this . brian kellys going down and jamie smith. this should be a great sess. john bowe the main man will be there of course i hope!!!!! any one know any maore

Re: is kane o’rourke over this weekend??????

yes i just got confirmation from mark conyard he will be playing along with a few others at a session this sunday at the kilkenney sth wimbledon

Rare Ornithological Sighting in SW London

looking forward to spotting the Ginger Goose!

a rare delight…

Last night especially rocked!
Thanks to Alan, Claire and the crew…

This week…

I look forward to next Tuesday.
To coin a phrase: SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY!

Bijou but beautiful!

Fab sesh last night.
Not many faces but very enjoyable.
Thanks to:
Alan, Claire, Hughie, Ben, Nick, Jack, Brendan, Sarah, Tony.

(Two flutes, two boxes, a concertina, two fiddles, a set of pipes, a bodhran and a baritone ukulele!)

And Vincent…

I forgot about Vincent!

Perfect Poking!

A fab people poking took place this week.
And we generally agreed that flutes are the top instrument of poke.

Humid and cooking and the Kaiser…

The air hung hot and humid in the Kilkenny last night.
Thank the gods for cold lager!
But it was an excellent session!
Nice to see Brendan changing his pipes for the six stringed devil on a couple of sets!
I’ve learnt so much from these birds & blokes at this pub on Tuesday evenings..

Just a quorum!

Quiet night in the Who-Killed-Kenny last night.
But a fab bijou session none the less!
Michael (flute/ song)
Ed (fiddle)
Tony (bodhran)
Tony (guitar/ voice)
Tony (GHP/ small pipes but didn’t get them out!)
John (whistle and all manner of weird other stuff!)
Myself (baritone uke)
Martin Weller (baritone uke/ song)
Not often you hear a Max Bygraves song at a session but we did last night! Yes. indeed…fings ain’t what they used to be (to be sure). 90% was “proper Irish” tunes and t’ing despite what this short piece suggests!

Ortolan shaving in Punjab/ Yellow skool buses and filing problems…

A nice evening in by the coal fire at the Kilkenny last night!
From Alan anti-clockwise: flute, fiddle, fiddle/ box, fiddle, flute/ small pipes, baritone uke, box, fddle, bodhran, concertina, box, whistle, low whistle.
Had to give up conversation at bar with Ed and John as I was getting a krick in the neck talking to two such tall people.

Bluddy good sesh in Sarf Lunden last night!

A large & tight kicking hot sesh last night!
And fast! You could tell Bart was back!
Clockwise from Mr O’Leary (not all neccesarily at the same time!) : flute/ whistle, box, six string devil, bodhran, concertina, pipes/ flute, fiddle, low whistle/ whistle, flute/ singing, flute, six string devil, singer, bodhran, baritone joke-ulele/ cheap bouzouki, box/ fiddle, silver flute, piano accordian/ spoons marked ‘Hospital Property’, flute/ whistle, fiddle, banjo/ singing, fiddle.
No beer knocked over.

Phew! A hot one last night!

Ambling to the session last night I noted how unusually mild and humid the weather was; thick clouds scudding over a large nearly full moon. Got to the pub’ and they had lit the open fire! Very pretty I’m sure but it was so hot! Also there were wafts of decidly non-Kosher roasting coming from the kitchen…
Anyway- jolly good session again despite the sauna! Two in weeks have been excellent.
Thank you everybody.

Changing my trousers…

I’ll certainly be changing my trousers tonight!


This week we had a fab end of session sessionette after most had gone. Mick, Brendan and Ed were smoldering, Clare you were burning!
I’m glad I had to change my trousers.

Bowe and O’Rourke

sneaky open sesh today with resident master John (box), Kane (fiddle, over from ireland) and Peter Coughlan (guitar plus a few songs), all welcome

from 3-7pm but will prob carry on through

Sunday sesh returns to Tavern

CHECK TIMES as they will vary from week to week but todays one is after the match at around 7.00pm with resident box master John Bowe and Peter Coughlan (guitar & voice) plus friends and being open anyone is welcome to join in

Historically solid, the tradiional Sunday session here finally re-started last week when John and Peter were joined by Kane O’Rourke (fiddle, flute, low whistle, bodhran) over from Ireland

Next week, St. Valetines Day, will see Mark Conyard (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar) over from Germany, and i hope to get down too

Weekly Sunday sesh returns

just to flag up a second sesh at this venue being the welcome return of it’s historical Sunday afternoon hosted by John Bowe

i’ve put up a new ‘Sunday’ one for here to provide details, such as Mark Conyard (fiddle, banjo) guesting next week

The toupee adhesive business…

Barely time between Sun afternoon and Tues eve to check the wig glue (SyrupStik), change the trousers and count the ‘hot water bottles of the famous’ collection.

Polish John and his Peruvian trombone piece (keep your wigs on!)…

Last night was the Tuesday Kilkenny Session.
Earlier on there were three pipers sat in line down one side facing up to the fiddles of Alvin, Ed, Rosie and John. Later on there was a box love-in with Bart, Pat, Andrew and Vincent. The box/ pipes troops nicely made up for the forest of fiddlers last week! Nice to see Peter and Polish John changing their trousers on a Tuesday night and John’s piece on the Peruvian trombone was very cromulent- rumpelstiltskinned right up as he was. I did my best session wrecking stuff in between pints on my ludicrous wombat.

sounds like it was a great night, with 25 musicians including four pipers at one stage. Heard about it from lisaniska and was going to come along but for the fact it was a school day the next day

It was a quiet nite but at one stage there were eight pipers, a complete Czech silver band, two North London guys with drum kits, a 1973 Fender Rhodes, 29 left handed fiddle players, a Chinese stock car race, endless ballroom dancing and five netball games for fellahs in drag.

You’re going to have to ease off that wig glue, yhaalhouse 🙂

Yes! You have to ease it off very carefully or it can cause scalp skin peeling which is very painful.
I now hear there were 239 pipers the other nite…

John Bowe’s head ware, hot water bottle blowing and surprise baritone uke…

Busy old week dahn in Sarf Wimbledon.

Friday was the Irish club but I didn’t get there. Too busy eating dansak, drinking Buckie and watching Star Trek.

Back at the Who-Killed-Kenny Tavern on Sunday saw JB on box (with no flat cap on his head this time) aided and abetted by Peter Coughlan (lovely hair) who ferociously twangled his Takamine six string devil and sang euphorically. He also whacked a goat skin. They were joined by Lisaniska (the only bass player in the world who’s happier when his strap slips off and he has to hold it close with his elbows and keep playing!) on specially tuned six string devil, Joe on box and two of the Mullins family; one on yet another box and the other on banjo. I attempted to wreck the session (as ever) on my controversial instrument choice, plunka plunka. So there was a lot of strumming and squeezing and therefore quite a big noise for a small amount of persons. Later David added a fiddle and another chap percussed another bodhran.
I rediscovered Southern Comfort and lemonade. This was a trendy drink when I was a student some centuries ago. This lead to some experimental bottleneck wig glue jar playing and a dollop of backwards hot water bottle blowing.

Last night (Tuesday) saw a pub’ depleted of chairs by 9.30 pm. All the usual suspects in attendance apart from Ed & Clare. And there was a six string devil twangler who was not me with a BARITONE UKULELE!!! Which he played on one or two sets! Wa-hay! Is this the start of a movement?!

Initially speaking…

Tuesday Night
A hot rockin’ sesh in SW19 last night! Clockwise from the top: flute/ whistle (A) ; banjo (B); ’zouk/ baritone ukulele (Y aka D aka D); concertina (N); bodhran (T); box/ flute/ whistle (B); pipes/ flute (B); flute/ voice (M); voice (?); great highland pipes (T); fiddle/ whistle (C); whistle (J); bodhran (?); banjo/ bodhran/ voice (F); flute (S); six string devil/ voice (J); fiddle (J); fiddle/ box (T); fiddle (A); six string devil (?); fiddle (R). JB poked the fire as ever! Someone was farting badly; this is why the fag ban was such a bad idea.
NB: We did not all play at once!

More on wig glue…

A certain well known box player suggested last night that he may use
‘Igloo Wiggloo’ and sometimes ‘Teepee Toupee Attachment Product’. Manufactured by native Americans.
I have no idea what he uses it for though. If that’s a wig it’s a bloody good one! No gap.

Kane O’Rourke joins John Bowe

Kane’s over this weekend, joining John Bowe and Friends tomorrow here i think around 6pm with the Hungry Grass heads _ it’s going to be emotional, before being clawed away for a gig in South Harrow

Pictures of donkeys…

Last night there were no pictures of donkeys or indeed instruction on how to get to where the donkeys are.

The Hungry Hot Water Bottles, John Bowe and the SyrupStik Syncopators…

Fab quality session last night: JB on box (of course!), Mark Conyard on tenor banjo & mandolin, Peter Coughlan on six string devil and vox humana, David on fiddle & mandolin & tenor banjo and a chap whose name I’m afraid I don’t know on fiddle. Plus Vincent singing songs and me, as usual, doing my best to wreck the session on baritone uke and cheap bouzouki.

Alan, Clare & Rosie away; out comes the Klezmer book!

An O’Leary-less session last night. Not one in sight!
Anyway we were: bodhran played by Tony; banjo plucked by Billy; pipes/ flute pumped & delicately breathed into by Brendan; whistle/ low whistle tickled by a bloke I know to talk to & who even bought me a pint but I’m afraid I don’t know his name; fiddle fiddled by John; flute/ whistle Moriaty-ed by Moriarty; fiddle played by Alvin; flute/ vox humana done by Mick; fiddle scraped by Ed; fiddle bowed by a lovely dreadlocked lady whose name I do not know and yours truly doing his best, as ever, to wreck the session on the cheap Rumanian baritone ukulele. Plus Ozric John tinkered with his Bulgarian wossit. It was a great night!
STRANGE END: It ended with Ed and the dreadlocked lady playing a few Klezmer tunes from THE DOTS OUT OF A BOOK! Shock! Horror!!

James comes all the way from New Zealand to show of hot water bottle collection…

Still impossibly warm in the evenings at the Who-Killed-Kenny pub. Will the summer never end? Roll on November! It melts the wig glue and increases the rubbery smell of the hot water bottle collection around the house.
Last night James came especially all the way from New Zealand to play is fiddle at our session. Last week a couple of ladies came from Hackney. Hello to you all. I know you all said you read this nonsense, in fact stumbled across the Kilkenny session via
So last night in an anticlockwise sweep around the playing tables:
Cheap Romanian baritone ukulele (Session wrecker)
Fiddle (James- NZ)
Flute/ pipes (Brendan)
Fiddle (Claire)
Banjo (Billy)
Banjo (ooh! I can’t remember his name! Sorry!)
Bodhran (Tony)
Concertina (Nick)
Six String Devil (Kevin)*
Six String Devil (Kevin)*
Flute/ whistle (Alan)
Fiddle (Rosie)
Box (Ben)
Fiddle (Ed)
Fiddle (Alvin)
Fiddle (Lady in the Dreads)
Left handed flute/ whistle (Moriarty)
Box (name not known- woman)
Six string devil/ banjo (name not known- man)
Fiddle (John)
Sorry if I’ve overlooked anyone!
No klezmer this week!
*There were actually two blokes called Kevin both playing the SSD and sitting next to each other. But at this session only one backer at a time played generally, I hasten to point out!

B B King’s Wig Museum, the Tooting Old Testament Re-Enactment Society or The Hot Water Bottle Factory and the Catford Dog Track Ukulele Collective

Just to say: Billy started a set last night! (probably only of interest to those who frequent sessions at B B King’s Wig Museum, the Tooting Old Testament Re-Enactment Society or The Hot Water Bottle Factory and maybe some at the Catford Dog Track Ukulele Collective.)

Aidan Burke this evening

It’s still going strong after eight months with some class players down (from Ireland and America), but regulars John and Peter are in Ireland this weekend, so i’ve been drafted in with Dara (a class flute player), Aidan (fiddle), Dave (uke) and anyone else welcome to join us at this ‘dark house’, The Kilkenny tavern, 6.00-8.15pm and maybe longer …

Fab trouser changing session in the heart of Sarf Lunden

Groovy old sesh last night in the heart of SW19 whilst John Bowe’s away, sitting in his Hawaiian shirt on a deckchair with a knotted hankercheif on his head somewhere on the other side of the Irish Sea!
I was a pleasure to have some tunes with Aidan and Dara in such a intimate setting.
A special big ‘Wow!’ to Dara who played an amazing ‘solo’ set with two backers at once; that’s just him on flute and John on six string devil with the weird secret tuning and me on the old baritone ukulele.
And thankyou to my roadie OutsideVenus.

Great nite at B B King’s Wig Museum (Finchley, Tx)…

Brilliant session last night! Thank you everyone!
Alan- flute/ whistle,
Billy- banjo,
Tom- box/ fiddle,
Nick- concertina,
Tony- bodhran,
Claire- fiddle,
Bernard- fiddle,
Brendan- pipes/ flute,
Mick- flute/ vox humana,
Foxy- banjo/ vox humana,
Yhaal- cheap Romanian ‘zouk/ baritone ukulele,
John- fiddle,
Alvin- fiddle,
Ed- fiddle,
Ben- box,
Rosie- fiddle.
It was a tight loud fast romping sort of a session; a bit ceilidh-ish.
With a good mix of the bloomin’ obvious and the strangely obscure.

The pub’ nearly next door (the Grove) has very conveniently started an Open Mic Nite on Tuesdays and so all the six string devil and BLooZ bothererz and all those that don’t understand about sessions are funnelled off to the Old Hat Twelve Bar Dirge Marathon in there! Hooray! Long may it thrive as a session wrecker magnet!

Location of the Kilkenny…

The Who-Killed-Kenny is next to the South Wimbledon tube station.
The Grove is across the road at the lights outside the station. The Princess Royal is dead…closed, gone, no more…


Session still exclusive and fab!

Hey Ho! Let’s Go as the Ramones said…

Still here! Come down y’all!

Some Like It Hot…

A warm one for the Sunday Wig Museum sesh.
Fab music with John (box), Daire (flute), Peter (vox humana/ six string devil), Liz (fiddle), Gemma (flute), John (fiddle) and myself (baritone ukulele).
And boy! Did we all put the world to rights once we stopped playing and started drinking and talking in earnest?!

Still going…

Was there this week…

Still going!

I was there this week.


I was also there this week. JB is on holiday and was replaced by the massed Mullinseseses…

Burnin’ an’ a-Lootin’

Went to the Wig Museum last night. I was determined to go out and not be intimidated by the situation. It was supposed to be a bit of a ‘special’ at the old Who-Killed-Kenny for a certain Mr Dawes.
Anyway when I got there, there was four or five blokes with instrument cases stood outside a CLOSED PUB! All the other pubs in Merton Hi Street was closed, so I supposed the Old Bill had told them to (a tinsy winsy bit of an over reaction i would say but… c’est la vie!). So, no music!
See you all next week Wiggies!

The Mulinseseseseses and the Herpetology Expert…

Great session this week!
Earlier on last night (Sunday 14 Aug 20011) I was at the Tooting Old Testament Re-Enactment Society and played with Mr Vulpes (banjo/ vox humana/ goatskin), the Fiddlin’ O’Leary Sisters, Alvin and a woman fiddler whose name has escaped me and, yet again, the massed Mulinseseses (2 x banjo/ box & pipes/ box). We played some fabulous sets. Truly quality stuff!
Then off to the Wig Museum. Mr Bowe’s still away sitting on deckchair on a beach with his trousers rolled up, knotted hankie on his head (with his jacket still on naturally) so this week the herpetology meister (Lisaniska) was leading on wierdly tuned six string devil and vox humana. There was also Daire (flute), Mark (banjo/ fiddle/ six string devil), David (fiddle), Kevin (vox and another six string devil). Again the quality of some sets played by me, Daire, Mark and David were outstanding (even if I do say myself!).
Thanks to everyone at both sessions for a fab Sunday night out!

There on Sunday with John (box) and Daire (flute) and Liz (fiddle)…

A Flut-astic Night…

Here last night!
The Hot Water Bottle Wigsters this week were: 3 fiddles, 2 boxes, a whistle, a six string devil, a piper and FIVE flutes (plus the piper doubling on flute making SIX at one point) plus a baritone ukulele. Thanks to Alan, Rosie, Pat, John, Paul, Brendan, Michael, Sarah, Mary, Martin, Alvin, and Ben and the flute player whose name I didn’t know.
Michael & Mary also sang.

The pub next door (Mr Choudhry’s Halal Deep Space Nine)continues to hold an Open Mic/ Acoustic BLooZ six string devil botherers event on Tuesdays and still acts as a magnet for all session wreckers. I’d suggest every session in the world should have one just next door at the same time!

Wigging it up with lashings of SyrupStik…

Saturday at the Wig Museum was not a session but a Starvin’ Mary Jane gig. I joined them for a couple of tunes and played invisible strummy-fing. The party went on and on…fabulous! One of these times where the distinction between gig and after-show party is undetectable. Half remember getting out of cab outside my gaff at dawn. Sleep through the day ready to return to play with Mssrs Vader & Marx.
Arrive at 7 pm. Norman Vader (box), Harpo Marx (six string Takamine/ vox hibernia), The late Mr Crumplehorn (flute), Clairey-O-Diddlio (fiddle), myself (cheap Romanian ‘zouk/ Mahalo baritone ukulele). We touched on nearly all trad pub Irish styles (wotteffah that is!) and the diverse and copious punters (who had been watching the hurling on the big tele earlier) lapped it up: waltzing in pairs to Jon’s old fashioned waltz set, trad dancing to a ‘light reel’ (as NV described it), singing along to corny favourites (Carrickfergus/ Black Velvet Band), listening politely to JB and Daire as they played an air, digging Harpo’s more obscure but searing vocal selections, along with lots of straight forward sets of jigs and reels und so weiter…
Session-ing don’t get better than this!
I have changed the names to protect the innocent

I said ‘Jon’, I meant of course, ‘Norman’.

The Hut In The Bog…

Last night: me, Norman Vader and the Late Mr Crumplehorn.
We swopped notes on hot water bottle collections and played the tune called The Hut in The Bog and Mr Crumplehorn had a picture of the bog in the hut. Harpo Marx was at a wedding in Italy extolling, as usual, probably, that all property is theft…

Autumnal Equinox Eve…

The Wigsters were in attendance last night.
Surprizing how different it sounds from my usual spot when Alan & Claire swop seats.
Hot water bottle to you all…

Ninth of October Two Thousand & Eleven (Gregorian Calendar)

Norman Vader, the Late Mr Crumplehorn, Harpo Marx, Yhaalhouse, Jobox Squeezer: all present.

Eleventh of October Two Thousand & Eleven…

Many wig glue enthusiasts and hot water bottle collectors in attendance last night…

I meant to say…

If your average hot water bottle collector changes his trousers four or five times a session (corduroy to worsted preferably) on a Sunday night and a comparable wig glue enthusiast only polishes up his bugle thrice (slipjig/ hornpipe/ ooh er matron), what becomes of the broken hearted ex-hospital property spoons botherer?
Are there enough jackets in the world for all box players? (feet four square on the floor or old skool legs crossed style)
When facing East around a session table, do you prefer to tootle your zootle in a mixolydian or F sharp major or would your sooner be in Christian restaurant? (that’ll be a mutton khottu, curry goat, chicken Manchuria and a side of corndog: “There’s an R in ‘corndog’”)
Swopping my steel for nylon for posh nylon (synthetic gut) for real sheep intestines (catgut) I realized that all roads lead to Ballybunion’s combined wig factory and lettuce drying plant and all further discussion pointless.
Does Norman Vader wear a syrup? If he does does it improve his playing? If it is, it’s a very good one: no visible gap even close-up.

Brandy, port & cigars…

In the aftermath of the previous day’s Peckish Weed gig, Harpo & Spliffle Delekto were luxuriating in Mr Choudhry’s Hallal Deep Space Nine sinking pints of so-called Irish cider. I joined them in their misery. After half an hour of cromulent conversation we headed to the Wig Museum.
Norman Vader was already there, his box for his box still shut at his feet. Polishing up his bugle in readiment was the late Mr Crumplehorn and Ken Lazi fiddled with her G & T.
We sat down around the table: Norman Vader at the head of course. To his right: the Late Mr Crumplehorn, to his left sat Ken Lazi. I sat next to Ken and opposite Mr Crumplehorn and Harpo. Spliffle Delekto held his musical bed warmer like the champion he is.
For hors d’oeuvres there was a lively set of tangy jigs and then a portion of spicy reels. For the main course Jobox Squeezer joined us as we lapped up the gravy. Spliffle just sort of sat there, stunned. Harpo sprinkled some choice songs and we were joined by Annabel.
We played and played until dessert, brandies, port and cigars. Then we had more brandy, port and cigars followed by additional brandy, port and cigars. We finished the evening/ night with further brandy, port and cigars.

Curiouser and curiouser…

Spliffle Delekto and Harpo were, as advertised, ‘Returning to Groovsville’. Norman Vader had been to Groovesville earlier but had understandably escaped south of river. I met him in the Wig Museum. I was hobbling with aluminium NHS crutches due to an unexpected episode of the zombie woof. All episodes of zombie woof are unexpected. The Late Mr Crumplehorn turned up and we ripped through a selection of selections. Mr Vader is a zombie woof sufferer and we exchanged stories of pain once more.
Halfway through the evening we were highjacked by the Hi Dee Hi Yodelling Squeeze Box Korps. Folder Ree Folder Rye, the Fields of Peckham Rye, If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlour, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling- you know, proper pure drop. Mr Crumplehorn had an examination to go to, Norman Vader went home and I took refuge at the jazz/ funk session next door in Mr Choudhry’s Halal Deep Space Nine and counted my hot water bottle collection.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?!

I haven’t been there for about three weeks but I’m sure it’s still going! But my bugle is being polished in anticipation…

The Guinness revival continues…

Last night the Fab Four (Normy Babe, Monsieur Crumple, Harpo & yours truly) were joined by Spliffle Delekto. After a period of settling down they powered into some fierce sets. Energized Trad?! This was Nuclear Trad! Never before has baritone uke, a well polished bugle, the shaved parrot, Herr Vox Humana, a knackered six string devil, chromatic serpent and dilruba sounded so cromulent in the field of non-performance derivative modal Hibernian-stylee musical endeavour.
And the Guinness revival continues…

Great night out for Wiggy Wigstaff…

Lovely session last night!
Clockwise in the convoluted spiral starting at Alan & ending with Bernard it was:
Flute, fiddle/ flute (!), box (flute!), pipes/ flute, flute/ vox humana, whistle, fiddle, fiddle, box, fiddle, baritone ukulele/ bouzouki, six string devil, box, concertina, goat skin doodah, vox humana, fiddle. And two Vincent moments: one box; one vox humana.
There was a lot of fluting by those who normally should be boxing or fiddling.
I’d like to thank the young lady who was randomly in the pub’ who was completely overwhelmed by the fab music. You rarely get punters that enthuiastic thank Heavens!

Unexpected session last night…

Norman Vader, Harpo, Spliffle Delekto and Yhaalhouse happened in B B King’s Wig Museum last night and a fabulous impromtu session occurred.
We had a brilliant time!
There was no music played, no-one even had an instrument.
We put the world to rights and no mistake!

B B King’s Wig Museum welcomes famous professional antipodean crossdresser…

Last night we were bereft of the Late Mr Crumplehorn. He is polishing his bugle up in Deutschland. Norman Vader (athletic finger tips) & Yhaalhouse (usual session wrecking) were joined by Spliffle Delekto (a-twanging and a-fiddlin’) and, once he had dragged himself out of one pub and into another, Harpo (lovely hair/ six string devilling/ vox humana). Later David joined us with a bit of fiddling and Stuart fretting over my banjolele. Harpo provided the Crane Driver a sort of Capt Beefheart and the Magic Band backing on the aforesaid banjolele as he sang a song in F major. The Vincent of Innishboffin sang two songs including I’ll Walk Beside You.
Then, at about 8.30 Mary the Karaoke joined in on very new looking whistle. She then set up her karaoke stuff and the pub started being filled with a host of young beautiful things. The karaoke began at about nine and it turned out to be an end of tour after show party for the company doing the Dick Whittington pantomime at Wimbledon Theatre. Harpo, Spliffle and I passed through the kitchen on the way back from a fag and some of the theatre people were finishing the costume and make up for an actor posing as Barry Humphries doing Dame Edna. The real Barry Humphries is the star of the pantomime this year. They (the luvvies including the Dame Edna impersonator) sang like only actors can and presented a sort of end of term revue full of private jokes and innuendo. By this time the real Barry Humphries was in BB King’s Wig Museum and he wondered around the pub for 20 minutes greeting his colleagues and discussing his wig glue (SyrupStik) and his hot water bottle collection. Harpo & I were gonna do a karaoke (Uptown Top Ranking) but there were so many wide-eyed actresses clamouring for a place we never got a look in!

Much coming & going…

This Sunday Darth Vader’s brother Norman played box having not gone to Glasgow, Spliffle Delekto held the banjo beautifully still on his way home from the gig the previous night and Harpo (also on his way home from the previous night’s gig and on his way to France to do something called ‘skiing’) read a book on Marx and his quartet practised in the park. The late Mr Crumplehorn returned from Deutschland with his bugle and I, of course, diddled my strummy-fing (having simply walked the five minutes around the corner). We were joined this week by der Meister Herr Ginger Klint Gruntglass and his magical whistling and fiddling (and a spot of banjo bothering) who disappeared into the darkness with his luggage.

Where are my aunties?

Quietisch night of trouser changing with Normy-babe on squeezy-fing, the Late Mr Crumplehorn on well polished gobstick-fing, Yhaalhouse on small strummy-fing. This week they were all joined by the Lovely Gemma on extremely shiney flutey-fing. Harpo was absent, still on his way home from the previous evening’s gig at the Wig Museum. There was a great moment when we played the Japanese Hornpipe and later on Norman Vader played other tunes that baffled us all! My aunties didn’t make it on account of them still finding their way home to Morden or wherever after last night’s gig.

Man ’flu et cetera…

Yhaalhouse (baritone ukulele strummy-fing)had man ‘flu and was far from his best, the beer didn’t taste right and ended up on the Jamesons. Due to an apparent recent poisoning, the Late Mr Crumplehorn (well polished up bugle) was drinking still bottled water with frozen ice (not fresh ice) and a special secret concoction* out of an expensive looking silver coloured thermos flask. Harpo (vox Hibernia and six string strummy-fing) was in a post snake bite confusion. I tried to clarify whether this was the variety with black current or without to no avail. The force of course was Norman Vader (squeezy-fing) and he lubricated his viscera with Guinness as usual. Despite all this we played rather well! Harpo ducked request to sing the Peckham Rye song and Normy Babe and Ole Crumple-Dumple played the air Ned on the Hill whilst Yhaalhouse and Harpo sat outside in the sub-zero having a quick fag. We played a weekly polka set. Norman, on his way to the gents, thoughtfully requested a solo from Mr Crumplehorn who responded to by playing silence (It might have been the John Cage piece) and chatting to us about parrot shaving in the Carpathians.
Later, the Vincent of Innishboffin sang on the stage and the Legendary Sunni sang, sat on a chair. We all ended up sitting around a big table by the fire in the Old Gentlemen’s club area of the Wig Museum: Harpo, Vincent, Sunni, Norman, Yhaalhouse with Mr Cleary in the background. Rumour has it that Ken will be down in a couple of weeks and der Meister Herr Ginger Klint Gruntglass may return soon along with Spliffle Delekto.
*consisting of: broiled tortoise skin, the fluff and dust from inside a fiddle, Scots bonnet peppers, regular bodhran scrapings, ganga leaves and coca leaves plus an infusion made from the rag he pulls through his bugle when cleaning it. It’s all spiced up with beetle juice (Betelguese), dried whistle bogies and fresh banjo muck.

Snow on ground on Saturday causes session on Sunday (no snow) to be cancelled.

So there was ‘snow on the ground’ on Saturday Night which for reasons not completely understood meant that the Sunday Night Session was off! There was no snow left by Sunday night! Curiously the same thing happened quite independently at the Tooting Old Testament Re-Enactment Society that nite according to Sister Redhead Fiddler. Must be a pub manager/ landlady thing?!
Anyway, Norman Vader, the late Mr Crumplehorn and yours truly (Yhaalhouse) were there in the Wig Museum anyway (on account of the weird cancellation being secret) so we all had a lovely time anyway, not playing but drinking! We were joined by Mary Nazareth who was going to sing like an angel but ended up discussing fire poking techniques with the box player. Harpo was lording it up out in Surrey with the toffs.
Next week on Sunday it seems Ken Lazi will be among us fiddling with her gin & tonic. Harpo’s return to civilization will occur and hopefully there’ll be no snow on the ground on the Saturday.

The Famous Five (String Fiddle)

So it was a snow-less SW19 I ambled through en route to the Wig Museum. Norman Vader was sat behind a pint of black stuff on his usual chair at the end of the bar. I sat next to him and chatted about the digitization of Harry Chapin.
Spliffle Delekto and Angel arrived followed closely by The late Mr Crumplehorn and Ken Lazi. In strolled Harpo with a cheap six string devil with no case he had purloined from the Jazz session next door at Mr Chaudhry’s Halal Deep Space Nine.
We sat around the table and tuned up. We were joined by Joe and Joanne. Clockwise around the table then it was: Norman Vader (box squeezing), Ken Lazi (fiddling), Joanne (more fiddling), Spliffle Delekto (mainly the banjo thing but he also played the famous five string fiddle), Joe (goatskin), Yhaalhouse (baritone strummy-fing), Harpo (cheap borrowed six string devils and vox humana) and the late Mr Crumplehorn (well polished bugle).
Later on, the Vincent of Inishboffin sang, cracked one liners and raised his arms. I attempted to play the famous five string fiddle. It was horrid- not the instrument, my fiddling.
A fine session!

Valentine’s Day…

The cab company tried to charge me double to run me home last night because it was St Valentine’s! Gertcha!

By ‘fiddling’ I meant, of course, ‘nattering’.

Starting a collection of shopping trolleys…

I spent Sunday afternoon deconstructing my gingery-grey face wig, replacing it with a selection of blue Rizla strips. I stepped out of the house as dusk descended and my newly naked chin and cheeks noted that the temperature was dropping. The clear azure skies were ruled by Venus low in the west burning four times as bright as Jupiter some 45 degrees higher. As I turned out of the back street into the high street I could smell the wood fire in the pub’ I was heading for.
It was just the Fab Four this week: Norman Vader, the Late Mr Crumplehorn, Harpo and Yhaalhouse. Aided and abetted by the Vincent of Innishboffin sang a couple of songs. Harpo sang the the song about Ireland written by a Welshman and a song about Scotland written by a Scotsman. Yhaalhouse embarrassed himself and everyone else by singing Yer Byebee ‘As Gawn Dahn Vhe Plug ‘Ole and the Tommy Steele setting of Carrickfergus strumming my strummy-fing. A set of hornpipes included Chief O’Neil’s Favourite and we visited Never Was Pimping So Gay. I had a jolly good chat with them all about my new found passion for shopping trolleys. Not the metal ones at Wal-Mart, the old lady wheelie doodahs. At the table of music I played Guinness chess with Harpo and Normy Baby never took off his jacket. At the end the lovely Lesley ordered crispy Peking (or is it Beijin) Duck and pancakes and we sat at the bar late into the night spreading hoisin sauce, smoking cigars and ingesting stout and Jamesons.
Come and join us!

Enthusiastic amateur…

This last Sunday we were blessed by a crapulent but cheerful strumpetyfing. As I have said before, ‘you don’t get that much enthusiasm for the music thenk Heavens’.
Harpo is still else where.
We’ve recently been playing the Japanese Hornpipe a lot, also Moving Cloud and a set of reels (the names of the tunes I can’t remember)but it starts in G minor and goes to E minor. The key change, if you are not ready for it, nearly knocks you off your chair! Never Was Pimping So Gay continues to delight as well as Ned On The Hill (Air). We play a set of the absolutely bleeding obvious corny session hits and follow it up by a set of the most obscure tunes Norman Vader and the Late Mr Crumplehorn can dig out of their collective memories. Fab!
Come and join us!.

Trouser changing in SW19

A full evening of trouser changing at the Wig Museum.
Harpo borrowed a quiet Fender, the Late Mr Crumplehorn and Darth Vader’s brother (Norman) were on good form. Nice to see Joanne becoming a regular part of the party!
Cathy (or is it Kathy?) came from ’Ackney, played fiddle and discussed her hot water bottle and potato peeler collection at length with us. She said she lurks around this forum, so, ‘Hello!’: post something!
As I say the players were on good form and the six of us sounded like a band at times! Scarey!
The food half hour this week was popcorn chicken and chips from the Chicken Cottage (Halal) on the corner opposite. Classy grub!


Well I hope I didin’t bore you too much with the pictures of my peelers, will be back soon to discuss left handed scissors. Neraly forgot the tunes were ripping.

Knees Up Muvva Brahhn

Interesting sesh this week! Norman Vader and the Late Mr Crumplehorn were both away in Ireland. Joanne and the others were elsewhere. Harpo and I were around but we had no melody players! So we were relying on passing flautists, fiddlers, pipers and boxers to play tunes. But none came. So the two of us did it anyway! Harpo sang a huge amount of songs- he was on very good form, I also did one or two and we lilted our way through a few tunes as well. It’s the strangest session I’ve been to for a long time. A six string devil, a baritone uku-strummyfing and two vox humana. Was it a session? Was it a knees up? (It is Sarf Lunden and I did sing Knees Up Muvva Brahn)
Back to normal next week!
Come and join us!

Rarely has the Vulcan arse flute sounded this good…

Another great night at the Wig Museum!
The late Mr Crumplehorn, Joanne, Yhaalhouse and Norman ‘Fingertips’ Vader were joined by Aunty Mary-Ji of Nazareth on vox humana. We visited the Smell of the Bog among others. We also discussed and established that it is indeed a G# in the run E-G#-B in a waltz we were playing. This implies an Emaj chord in the key of D (the E chord actually functioning as a V of V). Enough musicological analyses already!
When we had finished playing, we traditionally sat around, consumed pints and put the world to rights. And then an hour after we had finished, unexpectedly, in walks Harpo and Spliffle Delekto with instrument cases. And so another sesh started. The Mighty Quinn sang a song, the one whose name means ‘Perfect one’ gave us a lecture on railway construction and Dancing Jon has a new six string devil that he is plainly in love with.
This is an increasingly fab session!
Come and join us!

Fried string hoppers with prawns and squid…

It was a pleasantly mild spring evening in the South London Edwardian suburbs. A blackbird trilled from a chimney TV aerial and a swarm of ring-necked parakeets characteristically squawked as they flew over head in the sunny blue sky full of fluffy Simpson-esque clouds. The atmosphere smelt of a thousand Sunday afternoon garden barbeques.
I sauntered into the Wig Museum just as Norman ‘Fingertips’ Vader was buying a round. Harpo and the Late Mr Crumplehorn were stood at the bar. The pub was quite full for an early Sunday evening; the air was hot; the beer tasted great!
We sat at the nominal musicians table and tuned up our well polished bugle, Vulcan arse flute, shaved parrot and Harpo’s tonsils. Slowly the pub’ became busier and busier! Loads of lovely young women, stylish young men, a local Welsh rugger team plus the usual scruffy crapulent dipsomaniacs that usually form the bulk of the ‘patients’ filled the bar.
A bloke called Mick came and spanked his goatskin, Joanne scraped her catgut. The Vincent of Innishboffin silently did his crossword in amongst the trendies. With the enhanced clientele the Wig Museum was very much more raucous than usual. We had to play out to make ourselves heard, even to ourselves! It was a nice change from the regular comfortable laid back scenario. John Rowe strummed Harpo’s Takamine for a while. I tortured my cheap Romanian bouzouki/ octave mandolin/ mandola. We played and played and played and played. It was fantastic! The party continued into the night…
Fried string hoppers with prawn and squid.
Come and join us!

Rollicking Trouser Changing…

Great rollicking Tuesday night session at the Wig Museum.
Nice to see the Mulinseseses changing their collective trousers with the O’Leary’s, Brendon, Bart, Sarah, Mick, Tony, Nick, Bernard, Alvin et al.

Gaul Bladder joins us!

Last night it was just me and Norman ‘Twinkle Fingers’ Vader.
Harpo was in Kerry, Crumplehorn was in a non-specific part of Ireland…
Last week was a blast!
Earlier during the PM I had been to the Irish Club and watched a production
featuring harpist Stephanie West. It was fab..
Meanwhile at B B King’s Wig Museum: The Late Mr Crumplehorn, Normy Baby, Harpo, Yhaal.
Also there this week: Ken Lazi
And on well polished, indeed, Ferengi gob stick: Gaul Bladder!
Der Meister Herr Ginger Klint Gruntglass bothered his Klingon war fiddle and his (new) Bulgarian strummyfing and he bought fried chicken and chips from Cottage Chicken for all.
We watched the boys in blue arrest some chaps opposite, outside the fags and Buckie shop and we had a party.
Great music by a bunch of great players!
Come and join us!

Actual Eb session takes place…

This is at B B King’s Wig Museum Finchley, Tx.
Bear with me it’ll make sense in a minute!
Twiklefingers (the box holder) was away in Ireland.
The Late Mr Crumplehorn was there, as well as Harpo, Spliffle Delekto, the Lovely Joanne and yours truly.
Apart from Mr Crumplehorn, we all had stringed instruments. He has a flutey t’ing that he has to tune very flat to be in D. In D it’s just on the edge of falling apart. If he shuts it tight it’s in Eb. And so, as we could all twiddle our pegs and go up we did! (fiddle/ banjo/ six string devil/ baritone ukulele/ Vulcan arse flute) Luckily no pipers, box players or whistlers turned up and we had the whole session the imfamous semi tone sharp.
It sounded sweet and tight.
So as an answer to the question: Do Eb sessions really exist, the answer would appear to be, YES, they do exist!

Great session on Tuesday with Paul Gallagher, Liam Farrell, Kevin Boyle and John Rowe joining the O’Leary mob and the usual suspects.

Re: Actual Eb session takes place…

I reiterate my point several discussions ago. It’s all in the mind. What you fail to realise is that everyone turned up flat, and then you just tuned up to D in concert pitch and played everything in perfect just intonation.


I do actually like playing the fiddle in Eb, it’s great.

Re: Actual Eb session takes place…

no, it wasn’t in the mind…he said it was in Texas

and remember that an odd accidental down there can cause a shootin because enough of a thing’s enough

Re: Actual Eb session takes place…

I never knew the Vulcan arse flute could play in Eb - how many holes did it have?

Re: Actual Eb session takes place…

One is all you need?

Pat Mustard: I have the Selamderen 13 hole with D#/ Gnat integrated drone system. There is a 4 string regulator and a tripple fipple with five sympathetic blow back valves tuned to a chord of Bnat diminished. I use a Ferengi style anuspiece as Humans are more similar to Ferengi than Vulcans in that area of anatomy- ladies tend to prefer the Cardassian style anuspiece. By using proper petomanic technique I can get a full chromatic five octaves out of it (but absolutely no D’s at all. Its natural mode/ key is, of course, K blunt demented seventeenth.
Live long and prosper.

Farewell for now to the Late Mr Crumplehorn…

The late Mr Crumplehorn is on his way back to the emerald isle and so he won’t be gracing the Sunday Sesh so often.
We had a great sesh on Sunday to see him off:
Alan, Twinklefingers (formerly Norman Vader), Lazy Ken, The Lovely Joanne, Gemma, myself Yhaalhouse, Lisaniska, Ziggy the kilted mandolin botherer, Spliffle Delekto, Harpo plus the Late Mr Crumplehorn himself.
The music was absolutely top hole!
(3 flutes- 2 doubling whistle, 2 fiddles, 2 six string devils- 1 doubling vox humana, 1 banjo- doubling fiddle, 1 box, 1 baritone ukulele doubling Indian harmonium)
Come and join us! Sranda karvy!

Great session

I was visiting London for a week and happened upon this session thanks to yhaalhouse.
I had great fun sharing some tunes on a Tuesday evening.

The tavern’s very easy to find for us out-of-town folk (it’s right by the bus stop, really!) - and the session itself was great fun, and very warm and welcoming to boot.

Hope to see you all again when I visit your island in the future.

Sunday Session

What time does the Sunday session start?

Interesting question…

The Poster says 6.30, JB likes 5.30, I arrive 7- 7.30 (unless I go via the Tooting Old Testament Re-Enactment Society for a few tunes first which often delays my arrival) , Mary (the landlady) prefers 7.30, Harpo’s time of arrival (anytime between 4 in the afternoon and 1 AM sunday mornig) is often the subject of a wager but betting on the human doings of a man who doesn’t know whether he’s in London, Offaly or love most of the time is a troublesome speculation.
But please, please remember: If there is SNOW ON THE GOUND this session may be off or delayed.

by the way: hi grimsniffer! thanks for coming!

The late Mr Crumplehorn’s return (for one night only!)…

So it came to pass.
A mega hot water bottle collectives meeting at the old Wig Museum last Sunday.
All the usual suspects were present: Twinklefingers Himself, the late Mr Crumplehorn, Harpo, myself Yhaal, plus an absolute bevvy of Bowe’s Babes (you all know who you are!), Billy, Mr Gallagher, Eddie Cochrane, Marc Bolan, Igor Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, Val Doonican and the Massed Dagenham Girl Pipers backed by the Ladybirds.

Come and join us on Sunday evenings!

Twinklefingers returns from Ireland!

Big sesh tomorrow (Sunday 10 June 2013).
Also keep in mind a special sesh on Fri 4 Oct 2013 to celebrate my extrordindinary Gregorian Date celebration of my birth (more of this later!).

Start collecting your hot water bottles together.

My birthday bash at the Wig Museum…

Thanks to all who came and played at my birthday bash last Fri at the Wig Museum!
Paul G, Angela C, Joanne F, R O’Leary, A O’Leary, K Boyle, L Farrell, F Dymore, J Bowe (on the bench due to wrist gout!)..

John Bowe

Hi, Do you have John Bowe’s contact details. I believe i have Some property of hsi that i found and wish to return. It has been quite an adventure to track this person down.


Neal Smith

no sessions on Sunday for next few weeks. ..

No Sunday sesh for now.
Will let you know when they are back.
N.B.: Tues sesh happening as usual.

Sunday session at Wig Museum…

The sunday session is now reinstated.
Starts at about 7.30 pm.
Be there or be square!

Wig out at the Wigdom tonight!

Get your wigwams and SyrupStik out and get down to SW19 tonight Sunday 2 Feb 2014!


A fab fierce sesh for the return of the Sunday night.
John, Joanne, Connor, Sharon and myself…

Sunday session at the Kilkenny Tavern South Wimbledon

So, does anyone know what the session is like, thinking of going this evening.

Posted .

The Sunday session Kilkenny Tavern South Wimbledon

Big Session this evening I’m told

Posted .

last night’s fun

I visited this famous session last night. It was very welcoming apart from a crane driver who spoke to me about air conditioning on tube trains.

Crane driver…

I’m gonna go to this special session tonight. I have that crane driver doesn’t spot me again and give me the history of railways lecture with especial attention to the problem of installing air conditioning on Tube trains.

sundays not happening at the Wig Museum for now…

Currently there is no Sunday sesh at the Wigdom. Tuesdays are still happening there/ here as ever.
On Sundays I suggest the Tooting Old Testament Re inactment Society at Amen Corner SWSEVENTEEN or the Hip Hop Pole (Warsaw’s answer to Def Jam) in Putney Bridge Road SWEIGHTEEN.

Developing new chapter. Great Friday night sesh. New young faces. Some old regular old winkers as well!
It was better than Sugar Sugar by the Archies! ( which is what I’m playing right now at 2.24 am)…

So Tuesdays and Fridays- currently!!

I might be hitting this one tomorrow…

Since it seems to be a convenient choice…plus I liked what I read!

Great to see wotamite at the Wig Museum tonite!
I hope the bloke we’ve never seen before who never stopped playing the bloody whistle didn’t wreck it for you!

friday night session…

The friday night session here seems to be a bit erratic.
The was no sesh last night. I strolled round with vaf2 and no sign of any musicians.
This also happened about three weeks ago.
So best ’phone and check before coming from afar and avoid disappointment!
N.B.: Tuesdays are always on as ever!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Wimbledon. Enjoyed Kilkenny Tuesday session in December. Just wondering where the best place is for a session this afternoon/evening?

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Latest clarification.
Tuesday nights (~9.30 pm) are the only regular sesh here these days.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern (aka B B King’s Wig Museum (Finchley TX)

After 20 odd years Noel & Mary are leaving the Kilkenny in a few weeks.
It may carry on the same, with a new management, it may become a ‘posh’ Wimbledon pub, it may become a trendy combined Mexican restaurant & roller derby venue, it may be converted into flats or a Tescos. It may be completely knocked down and redeveloped.
The Tuesday night session will continue!
Somewhere local if not where it is now!
Stay tuned for further bulletins!!!

But is still on on Tuesday nights as ever for now!
Come and experience BB King’s Wig Museum (Finchley TX) now before it potentially changes forever.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Some fab stuff happening on Tuesdays currently!!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

I believe the usual Tuesday night session is happening tonight!!!!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Er!? The Kilkenny Tavern aka BB King’s Wig Museum (Finchley, TX) seems to be carrying on despite stories regarding its demise. Stand by for any genuine info!!
So this Tuesday 5.12.17 session appears a to be on!!!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Ok! Last night’s session was great: flute, fiddle, baritone uke/ vibraslap, mandola, box, pipes/ whistle, gtr/ vox Humana/ whistle/ gtr, whistle/ box. Cathy sang. Next week is the Yuletide Special.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Special Yule session tonight. Might be the last ever sesh here. Who knows?!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

It now seems the Kilkenny will continue ‘as normal’ (??!!) until theend of January 2018.
Lovely Yule Sesh last Tues with the usual suspects and Ralph.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

No sesh tomorrow apparently. The ridiculous impending Mammon consumer fest has derailed it.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Update: despite the enthusiastic rumour mill and associated on-going soap opera, the pub is still open and the Tuesday night session continues ‘as normal’ for the time being.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Looking forward to a rather more civilized sesh tonight than we had to endure on St Patrick’s Day!!

The apparent pending demise of the Kilkenny Tavern

Great sesh tonight Clare, Rosie & Alan and Brendan and the crew.
Next week really might be the last one as the Clearys are allegedly leaving the pub after next Tuesday. This may change but for now the end is nigh!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

90% sure tonight’s sesh will be last one.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

NB: no sesh tonight. Watch this space for developments!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern IN EXILE

Sesh tonight but in pub round corner Trafalgar 23 High Path SW19. Temporary measure whilst Kilkenny settles down…

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern IN EXILE

Fab first sesh at Traf.
Will be at Trafalgar again next week!

The Kilkenny Tavern IN EXILE in the Traf.

Great sesh last night!
This session continues but in exile round the corner at Traf!

Kilkenny Tavern in exile at the Trafalgar

Sesh tonight in exile around corner at the Trafalgar, High Path, SW19…

The Kilkenny Tavern Session in exile at the Traf.

This sesh still at Traf. Come tonight (Tuesday)!

The Kilkenny Tavern in exile at the Traf

At Trafalgar Pub High Path SW19 tomorrow (Tues). And drink some decent beer at a Trad Irish session for once!

The Kilkenny Tavern Session in Exile at the Traf.

Tues night Kilkenny Session still in exile at the Trafalgar Free House, 23 High Path, SW19 2JY…

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Good news!!!
This famous session is to return!!!!
After nearly a year in exile at the Trafalgar, round the corner, the Tuesday session returns to its spiritual home!!!
This starts next Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 at about 9.30 pm.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Re-launch this evening! Tue 26 Feb 2019.

The Kilkenny Tavern soap opera continues…

Well! The Kilkenny Tavern is currently closed again!
Last Tues we convened back at the Traf*.
Stand by for updates.

*The Trafalgar Freehouse, 23 High Path, SW19 2JY

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Still closed.
Session currently back at Traf for time being.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

The ex-Kilkenny Tavern* (Dark House) is boarded up now.
The Tuesday night session is again, currently in exile in the Trafalgar, High Path, SW19.

Doesn’t look like the *old pub is gonna open again…

STOP PRESS!! The latest on the continuing and fascinating soap opera that is the Kilkenny in South Wimbledon!!!

Looks like the famous Kilkenny Tavern is opening again (again!) on Fri 11 Oct 2019 (4pm to be precise!).
The regular Tuesday night session (which has been in exile at the Trafalgar round the corner) is set to return this next Tuesday (15 Oct 2019).
I will confirm all this early next week, once (and if!) the pub has survived this weekend without another routine dramatic shutting up episode!!!!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Delighted to report that our weekly Irish trad session will be returning to our home of 25 years, The Kilkenny Tavern, 131, Merton High St, SW19 1DE beside South Wimbledon tube station, Northern Line on Tuesday 15th Oct at 9pm. Hope you can join us regularly, musicians and listeners very welcome

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Great return to the old turf tonight! Hup!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

There’s now a Sunday session too with Anthony McGrath, James Carty, and John J Rynne.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Lovely to see CreadurMawnOrganig (aka ‘Dave’!) at KK tonight! Great sesh with all of the usual suspects.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Last couple of weeks, Sunday sesh hosted by Will Allen and chums.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Beware the chairs!!! New chairs at this sesh not as numerous or as suitable as previously!!!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Will Allen and chums have been ‘let go’.
So no sesh on Sundays currently.
Tues as per ‘normal’.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

I think it must be the chairs.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

So now there is a session every first Friday of the month featuring the Mulins’s’s’s’s’s’s and Rita Farrell among others. (As well as the every Tues evening session)

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

This is not directly to do with the music but it is to do with this legendary session venue.
Locally, the Kilkenny has been known for decades as a pub that is, ahem, open later than some others.
Anyway, at last night’s regular session, the new barman chose to call last orders at about 10.30 and had closed the bar by 10.50!

This is such a peculiar event that it had to be recorded!!!
Everyone was open mouthed.
We played on until well past eleven anyway!!!
No one knows why!!!!

The Kilkenny Tavern,

Delighted to report that our weekly Irish trad session has returned to our home of 25 years,
The Kilkenny Tavern, 131, Merton High St, SW19 1DE, beside South Wimbledon tube station, Northern Line on every Tuesday at 9pm.
Hope you can join us regularly, musicians and listeners very welcome

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Joe the box squeezer and I enjoyed playing a number of sets in the Kilkenny Tavern beer garden yesterday early evening. Hooray!!!!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Weekly session returns today, Tuesday 8th June 2021!
About 9.30 pm.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Fab ‘almost back to normal’ session tonight. Alan (flt/ whistle), Clare (fiddle/ whistle), Kev (gtr/ trumpet/ cool Latino jazz shades), Brendan (pipes/ whistle/ flute), Paul (pipes/ gtr/ vox humana), John (whistle), Ben (fiddle/ whistles) and, er, Ben (box). Plus me strummyfing.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Lovely ‘nearly normal’ sesh last night if a bit ‘flutey’! A box, a whistle, a fiddle, a baritone uke and three flutes! (one flute doubling pipes and whistle, one flute doubling the whistle). Still a bit weird what with table service and and no standing up and stuff!

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

Session at this legendary South London pub at 9 tonight. I’m told that the kickball should be over by then.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

This Tuesday (13 July 2021) will be the last seisiún at the Kilkenny. The pub has been sold to Craft Union Pubs and the current management move out next weekend. The pub will close next Sunday. It will, evidently, be refurbished, renamed and opened as a sports bar or worse (oh joy!).
A new venue is being sought.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

The Kilkenny Tavern is now closed down.

The Horse & Groom!

Despite the local gloom and pessimism surrounding the fate of this pub, it may have a musical future!
Latest news (rumour) is that the new regime are very interested in the the pub’s wide musical reputation and the famous Tuesday night Trad Irish Session may well be returning.
One thing though, the pub is being re-naned back to its original monika (The Horse & Groom) that it had before Noel Cleary bought the pub and called it the Kilkenny Tavern. Please note: this pub has also always had a nick name: The Dark House.

The Horse & Groom formerly The Kilkenny Tavern a.k.a. ‘The Dark House’

Good news! The Horse & Groom is to re-open on the Tues 21 September 2021. The Tuesday night Traditional Irish Music session is to be reinstated although the re-launch date for this has not yet been announced.

Re: The Kilkenny Tavern

This weekly session is to start again on Tuesday 28 Sept 2021. Starts about 9pm, bar closes at 11pm.

Re: The Horse & Groom (formerly The Kilkenny Tavern A.k.a. ‘The Dark House’)

This weekly session is to start again on Tuesday 28 Sept 2021. Starts about 9pm, bar closes at 11pm.

Re: The Horse & Groom

Ahem! Sorry to mess everyone about but it now seems that the Tuesday night session is not absolutely confirmed yet! Stay tuned for further developments!

Re: The Horse & Groom

I see they’re advertising a “music” night on Thursdays but no mention of a session night :(

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Re: The Horse & Groom

Every other Thursday there is an Open Mic night. You have been warned!

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The Tuesday night Trad Irish Session that has been at pub since the last century has relocated to:
The Prince of Prince of Wales
(formerly Princess of Wales)
98 Morden Road
SW19 3BP
It’s still lead by the O’Learys (Alan, Clare and Rosie) and still Tuesday nights (9 pm-ish).