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Most Sundays we’re here playing away! The more the merrier (especially if we can get experienced people along!)


Every Sunday at around 9pm we gather around to play traditional celtic instrumentals (mostly irish) as well as traditional songs with singing. Skill level is mostly amateur but feel free to join no matter your playing skills!

Tom Bombadil Pub

Weekly sessions on Sundays. Starting around 9pm-ish. Tunes/songs mix, some sean nos dancing too.

Re: Tom Bombadil Pub

Unfortunately, Tom Bombadil recently closed down - we’re doing our best to keep a weekly schedule still, typically on weekends, but we’re shifting locations for now until we settle in at a new place - keep an eye out on groups magfrank called out above or this page for the latest information 🙂

Re: Verona Pub

Almost every Sunday we’re having traditional Irish session at Verona. Repertoire is 50/50, songs and tunes.

Re: Various (check The Facebook Page)

Updated the location and the days to reflect that we might be shifting between places and Saturday/Sunday for the sessions. The best location to check for the upcoming sessions is the FB page linked above.

Verona Pub indeed

Visited the session last Sunday; despite shifting locations it is very well alive! Mostly Irish pub songs, a bit of tunes, mostly on tinwhistles / frulas (Serbian wooden tinwhistle-like flutes). It was a fun night.