Oscar Wilde’s Pub

1440 University Ave., San Diego, California, USA

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Oscar Wilde’s Pub

San Diego’s newest weekly session at a lovely new gastropub in the Hillcrest district.

Sessions are held:

7:00 - 10:00 PM - 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month
1:00 - 4:00 PM - 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month

The 2nd Sunday afternoon session is intended to be a slower session for tune learning by ear.

Slow session on 2nd Sundays

I volunteered to host/co-host this session, starting on June 14th (2015…just in case!)

The scope of this slow session is, besides learning tunes by ear, to allow beginners that are making good progress in their craft and repertoire transitioning to a more advanced stage without the hassle of dealing with the fast playing 🙂. We will be able to clean up our playing, work on ornamentation and articulation at an attainable pace! (I, myself, am incapable of playing faster most of the times!)

I will post a baseline repertoire proposal that everyone will be able to work out prior to the first session. You can add up to it or come up with a different proposal 🙂. Again, the goal is becoming a well established sessioner and proficient player over time with no struggle!

I’m looking forward to seeing this flying!

Pachu Cuesta


Hi wotamite, I was wondering if you have a list of the baseline repertoire you’ll be using for those 2nd Sunday sessions. Could you send that to me, or even better post it? I play tenor banjo, 2 years in, coming from 15 years of guitar. I know what I’m doing and can play several tunes well from my own small list, but I am most assuredly a session beginner.


There it goes…the repertoire!

Hi Tim!

I apologize for the delay! I don’t get notifications from The Session, I should have checked earlier :(

There goes what we have so far; all these tunes can be found on this same website.

Tune type Tune name Key

Jig Rose in the Heather D
Conaught Man’s Rambles D
Kesh Jig G
Jig Rambling Pitchfork D
Out in the Ocean G
Garret Barry’s Dmix
Slip Jig The Swaggering Jig G
Hardiman the Fiddler Ador
The Butterfly Emin
Jig Saddle the Pony G
I buried my wife… D
The Eavesdropper G
Reel The Silver Spear D
Cregg’s Pipes G
The Otter’s Holt Bmin
Reel The Old Bush Dmix
The Earl’s Chair D
Castle Kelly Amin
Reel The Banshee G
The Star of Munster Ador
The Maid Behind the Bar D
Jig Humours of Ballyloughlin Dmix
Jig Brendan Tonra’s D
The Legacy (Larry Redican’s) G
The Cordal Jig D
Hornpipes The Home Ruler D
Kitty’s Wedding D
Polkas The Britches Full of Stiches D
Johnny O’Leary’s #1 D


The list didn’t come out like I expected…

Pin on the map needs re-locating…

Not that this should keep anyone (not blitzed) from finding the pub…but….

Pin fixed!

Capnmike, thanks for the heads-up!

Slow Session this Sunday August 9th

We keep up on the slow session! Last one we gathered around 10 musicians 🙂.

I noticed long sets are really hard to keep them slow; we are going to try 2 tunes sets this Sunday and see how it goes!

George Rubsamen will take over me this Sunday 🙂


On hold for the moment…

On Oct 17, 2015 we received word that the pub is changing ownership.

Session is on hold until we have a chance to see if the new owners want to continue having us play there.


Any news on the Sunday sessions? I’ll be there in Feb 2016 and would like to find one in the area.

Still no news…

Hi Kevin,

No news. Probably isn’t in the cards.

If you’re around on Tuesday, please come visit our weekly session at The Ould Sod.

Session is from 7:00-11:00 PM

The Ould Sod is located at:
3373 Adams Ave.
San Diego