Patrick’s Pub

381 Smith Street, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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Patrick’s Pub

Led by Fiddler Bob Drouin, a beginer friendly intermediate session. Big on “bread & butter tunes” and singing is welcome. Patrick’s Pub can be smokey at times.

A great session for all

This is the most beginner-friendly session in the state, Bob is a very personable and generous session leader, and there is plenty of room for as many musicians want to participate. The owners treat the musicians well, and I have never had a bad time at this session. The only drawback from my perspective, is it does not start until 8PM, and some of us are early risers that need to work in the mornings!
AL Brown

Great session for learners, friendly, smoke-free

Because of recent RI laws, Patrick’s Pub is now smoke-free. I add to the above comments that it’s a great beginner-friendly session. Great atmosphere, and some very talented musicians willing to show the ropes.

’twould be nice if it started sooner. I find myself leaving by 10:30 at the latest because I get up at 4am. Still, one can pack a lot of learning.

Great session

I dropped by this session while on a trip. The musicians were very welcoming, and the tempo nice and steady. I had to leave it early, but it was a very enjoyable session overall.

Fifteenth Anniversary

The session just celebrated its 15th year last night with a huge session--nearly every trad musician in the state showed up (good thing it is a small state). And, surprisingly enough, the music was great--I have never seen such a large group of musicians play so well together. This is one of the most musician-friendly sessions I have ever attended, with plenty of room for everyone, and lots of positive attention from the staff. Well worth attending.

First Session

I finally made myself go here. Been thinking on it for a looooonnng time and finally realized I had to push myself. I’m a born again itrad musician and singer, coming from a folk and bluegrass background.

I introduced myself to Bob Drouin, the host. He was polite and asked me if I’d join. I told him I’d prefer to hang back for a bit and asked if I could record them. He said it was a good idea.

As the night wore on, I inched forward and finally took out my Deering Calico four string. I played a couple of tunes and felt they enjoyed them. I liked the locked in groove I felt I was caught up in vs. the ‘practice at home alone’ stuff.

This is a much different session that the ones I’ve seen in the Fast Net in Newport or Aidan’s in Bristol. Those pubs are filled with many patrons and are very loud. No slight to the musicians intended here, they are generally very good. But Patrick’s Pub is very quiet. The music can easily be heard by the small amount of patrons (Tuesday night) who respectfully listen. The musicians were quite good and very social, seeming to enjoy each other’s company and talk about current events (Bowie’s death being one on this night).

Glad I started doing this and I intend to come back for sure!

Re: Patrick’s Pub

Very welcoming session! Playing good tunes at a reasonable tempo. I was really happy to be able to come and participate🙂 If I lived close, this session would be on my weekly calendar!

John Bunch

Re: Patrick’s Pub

Session is now Thurs at 8.