Hurley’s Irish Pub

1225 Crescent Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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This is a great traditionnal session with a few regulars and one of the oldest sessions still kicking in Montreal. It starts at 3 in the afternoon and officially lasts until 6 (but usually we play until 7).

See you there!


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Is it all Irish? or is it a mixture?

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Joyce, the session host rotates weekly (there must be a less suggestive way to say that…) and the repertoire depends on who is in hosting. Most of the time the repertoire is Irish, but we get some great Quebecois tunes as well, (and occasionally Cape Breton and Scottish.) Song / tune ratio also depends on the host, but averages about 1 / 6. Sorry it took a year to see your question!


Hurley’s Sessions

Yes, it is a fine site for playing in Montreal. A great variety of Beers and Malts that help overcome those ‘first timers’ jitters about ‘sitting in’ on a session. As describe above the hours are nice for a Sat. afternoon session and when a session is ‘hot’ it doesn’t always ‘just stop’ because it’s 6:00 o’clock. The session leaders usually have a good selection of tunes and more than often will lead a session so that players of ‘almost all levels’ can join in on at least a tune or two. Sometimes however, when only a few people are in attendence it is often more difficult for new players or players from the ‘outside’ to join in. Fortunately, in most cases if you are not a ‘regular’ but bring an instrument it doesn’t take long before someone will ask you if you want to join in. Montreal is a great place for sessions as we are close to other great places like Boston. As a result there is a nice flow of players who come up to visit and play. Hope to see you up here ….

August 2008

We were there in 2006 - not bad, attended again in August 2008.

Not Irish, not friendly, not really a session when we attended this summer.

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July 2010

Stopped by on a Saturday afternoon about 4 (still runs 3-6). Wonderful small group, very welcoming, shared some great tunes. Don’t miss it!

Friendly and Irish - August, 2014

I attended this session as a visitor from the U.S. It was led by Andi and Bob. The small group were really friendly and welcoming to a stranger. On finding a visitor in their midst, they started well-known tunes slowly, and adjusted the speed only when it was obvious that the visitor was comfortable. The repertoire was definitely Irish; a good mix of tunes and songs. I’ll be back!

Re: Hurley’s Irish Pub

August 2018 - Still a friendly session! Thanks, folks.

Re: Hurley’s Irish Pub

3.30pm start according to the pub’s website.

Hurley’s Irish Pub

The Siamsa Seisiun happens every Monday night from 8 to 11:00 pm in the upstairs performance room at Hurley’s Irish Pub, 1225 Crescent Street. It welcomes players of all levels of traditional Irish music. It was started in June of 2011 by Fred Graham, board member of Siamsa.

The bar staff arrange the tables and chairs ahead of time for the seisiun players. So, all you need to do is grab a place, join in the craic, and don’t be shy to lead us off with a set of tunes when the urge strikes you. The Siamsa seisiun also appreciates listeners of all levels of expertise; the more the merrier! We love to play our favourites and also enjoy enlarging our repertoire, so visiting musicians are always warmly welcomed!!