Blue Lamp

121 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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  • Schedule: Monday.

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Blue Lamp Session, Aberdeen

The Blue Lamp affectionately known as "The Lampie" is a well established and well known Aberdeen music venue.
The session on Monday nights is graced by lots of good Scottish, Shetland and Irish music.
Poeple roll up about 10 ish and you don’t get thrown out early.

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Still going strong

I can report that this very enjoyable session is still going strong. About 20 musicians in all came and went on the course of the evening when I was there last week.

Quieter during school holidays

The Lampie tends to be less busy during the holidays, as SCaT tutelage isn’t running then, hence fewer players turn up. It took a while to get going last night (wasn’t in full swing until about 11!). And the Atholl Highlanders was played twice in the space of twenty minutes! Oh no! Na, it’s a great tune. Try and make it if you can.

Still going

In response to "Guernsey Pete’s" request to keep sessions up-to-date, this session is still going, and doesn’t show any signs of expiring.

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Still going… just, Been very quiet recently.

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The map was well out - I’ve updated the address, and it’s better, but showing the wrong side of the street.

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Re: Blue Lamp

Just to say, this session is still running, as of 08/08/2017.

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