The Cobblestone Bar

77 North King Street, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

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A great place to hear music with most of the participants playing to a high standard.


havind played at a few sessions there myself ive found the place to be friendly, with great respect for the musicans themselves, with a corner of the pub permently reserved for the musicans, with signs around that say keep it quiet while musicans are playing{ r sumtin to that extent anyway} all in all the place has a very friendy and lively buzzing atmosphere with very like minded clientel. its not suitable for beginners jus starting out who are looking to play in a session, your better off just listening for the moment.

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Darn tootin’.


Great music. Might need to get there early to find a spot by the door nearer the players if you want to listen. Couldn’t hear them from the back of the pub.

Nice CD as well!

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Cobblestones, Dublin

What time does it start?
I’ve got a business trip to Dublin at the end of the month, and absolutely must get a session in.

Just on the not suitable for beginners comment - they do have a beginners’ session on a Monday night if anyone was looking for one. I think they start at nine-ish, but I’m open to correction on that one.

aye you are right about the beginners sesh, it does start about 9 ish on a monday and is hosted by Muireen? i think is her name.

Monday session at The Cobblestone

“Ciorcal Ceoil agus Comhra” Seisiun dha-theangach le Mary Begley agus Marion McEvoy, gach Luan.
Monday night bi-lingual session: an opportunity to use the Irish language in a friendly session atmosphere. Beginners (both musical and linguistic) encouraged.

Early tunes on Friday evening

Starting from 7 pm and usually going till late.
At 7pm it’s really nice in quiet in there, so you can try those quiet tunes you nevver get in when the pubs get hopping.

Cobblestone sessiun

sessiun now every night weekdays
early evening also on friday
sat bluegrass at 4pm-7pm followed by trad
sun lunchtime till close

Was there last wwek for few evenings and afternoon, It might be one of the best session in Dublin I think.
As far as I’ve seen, Sessions are very open.

If you’re in Old Time music, the saturday afternoon (4-7pm) is grand as well.

Thank you, Maire, Beara and all the others who were there at last Monday’s session for the possibility of joining and the CD! It was an evening full of craic!

Marina and Gregor from Münster, Germany

What time does it start? In midweek. Thank you

Session starts around half 8 everynight as far as i know. great pub

still the best in town

Fantastic Monday session at the Cobblestone last night! I was given such a warm welcome when I asked if it was alright for me to join in. Lovely people and music! Definitely a place I’ll revisit!

Cobblestone on Tuesday

Highly recommended to play or listen. My wife and I (low-level mando and whistle folk) were at The Cobblestone on Tuesday Oct 22nd 2013. TWO DIFFERENT PARTS to the evening:
1) Got there around 7, when there were only two musicians: Simon, great flute player and lovely guy, and his son on fiddle. (May not be the same people every Tuesday.) Simon was wonderfully good at making us welcome, getting us to play whenever we knew a tune, or to suggest or start a tune/set ourselves. Simon also drew in various of the customers, to sing or dance. One regular old guy did some great singing. Two gals sang some pop song, no problem. One regular super-sloshed gent embarrassed the hell out of everyone. Simon even convinced me (UK-based American) to sing an Irish song of my choice, after we’d discussed the problem I’d had ca 1960 trying to decide, back in Michigan, whether to imitate the Clancy/Makem accent when singing Irish songs. So I sang “The Galway Shawl” with my neutralish midwest US accent but with clearer consonants and a few Irish-y vowels. We were totally welcomed as participants.
2) A fuller, more formal session regularly begins between 8:30 and 9, and we could still have joined on some tunes if we’d wanted, but we had to run off anyhow. There were five musicians when we left ca 9:15, but I remember a visit about ten years ago when there were more like 10, on some evening or other.

Cobblestone Sessions

I visited Dublin on a recent trip, Jan 2104, and went every night to the Cobblestone, mon to thursday for sessions and there was a concert and lessons in the back room as well. Tom, the owner is a great host , early session often starts around 7 pm but usually there is a second session starting around 9 or 9:30, monday is best night for less advanced players . Some of the best professional players drop in when passing through Dublin and it gets crowded. I would love to spend a few months taking in the Cobblestone sessions, friendly folks and great craic.

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Superb session at the Cobblestone Bar

I was there last summer on August 2018. Several sessions are hosted every day. I went on Saturday, Sunday and on Monday. On Saturday nigh the bar was full and it was not possible to approach the musicians corner just around the main door, but the music run well. Sunday session starts very early in the afternoon. The musicians switch every couple of hours our so. On Monday the session is specially well suited for beginners. Tunes are played at a slower pace. All the local musicians I met there were very welcoming and encouraged other musicians to join and play with them.

Monday Session - Fun, Welcoming and an Enjoyable Listen

We had a wonderful time listening to the Monday night session. Get there early if you want a seat close to the music. The pub itself was one of our favorites. It is a friendly place for a pint.

The musicians were welcoming and the music was delightful.

We will be planning our next trip to Dublin around what is happening at The Cobblestone. I believe that the musicians at the Monday night session often attend the Wednesday night class upstairs. I will be studying up on the play-list located here (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) and hope to attend the Wednesday class and take home a tune or two.