The Grafton

4530 N Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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The Grafton

Wed. eves 8:00 to 11:00. Some of the very best players in Chicago frequent this session but I would think that players of any level (except for true beginners) would be welcome. Currently the session is run by Jim Dewan (recorded with Liz Carroll, John Williams, Larry Nugent) with a different co-leader every week.

There’s also a friendly, family-oriented session at this pub on Sunday afternoons 4-6 PM, led by Sean Cleland and Pat Finnegan.


Sorry, the Sunday afternoon session is 5 PM to 8 PM.

Stop in for dinner, the pub has a terrific menu and lively atmosphere.

The session is now on Sunday, six to nine I believe. Still a lovely excuse to sit at a bar and drink local brew.

Sundays 5-8 is when the session is right now. Maybe there’s one on Wednesdays; I actually don’t know. Great playing, great atmosphere.

The Grafton

Lovely little friendly session with Sean Cleland and friends. I got there about 6.30 p.m. on Sunday evening , the session was in full swing, and finished about 8 p.m. The outside temperature was 3 degrees Fahrenheit, which says a lot for the musicians’ enthusiasm. Excellent music ! Regards to Connie.

Visit from Australia

I played at the Grafton today. Was a friendly session. Sean Cleland
led it - has a nice driving style with a strong pulse. It’s great to see someone
of that calibre at the ‘coal face’, not at all jaded. A pity I was just passing
through - I could learn a lot from playing there every week.


Chief O’neill’s 2014, Irish Music School

There is a session on Sundays at 5pm and on Tuesdays late after classes at thr Irish Music School of Chicago which teaches partly out of this beautiful bar. Session is lead by Sean Cleland of IMSC. Come by for cheer and a lovley time!

Re: The Grafton

Sunday 5-8pm. Wednesdays is now an open mike night.

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