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The Black Horse

We have been running this session now for about three years (it was formerly at Clancy’s on a Monday night).

We start around 9.30 and finish by 12.
We welcome singers and musicians alike and are in need of fiddle players and backers.

It can be a haphazard affair but we have great craic and obviously love it because we can "get our own tunes in" when we like. However, new musicians are always welcome to give us a buzz.

The landlord is a lovely Clare man…oops, I hope I got that right.
Up the banner…and all that!

There is also Karen Ryan’s session on a Sunday night which is a much more altogether exciting affair, as you would imagine.

New management

The Black Horse has a new manager - Joe Quinn from Belfast. Turns out he’s an old friend of my family, and he’s mad for the music! I went to this session last night - really nice and friendly. We had a girl from Illinois show up, Eliza. Apparently it was her first time at a session and she played some great tunes on the whistle, once we coaxed her to the circle! Anyway, thanks to Jeremy for this site yet again as this is where I (and Eliza) discovered that the session was actually taking place.

All the hairy chest



I got the following email message from Karen Ryan this morning:

Sad to deliver the news that after 4 years of some great sessions, under the new management, all music has ceased at The Black Horse pub in Holloway.

Hope to be in touch soon with details of a new regular session in North London soon.


Black Horse - THURSDAY session

Dear all,

Yes, just to confirm that the Thursday session at the Black Horse has finished too. Not because we were asked to leave…it was a grey area with our session. We weren’t paid so perhaps the pub would have welcomed us to stay but we needed a break and felt that we were not always welcome. We had a neighbour problem which meant the big chop at 1130 - not such a terrible thing really to get home at a reasonable hour but then we couldn’t get anyone to turn up before 9.30/10 so not a lot of playing time left.
I have to say we’ve had a great time over the past year so thanks very much to everyone who made it great and thanks too to Joe at the Black Horse for letting us carry on when Bernard left.
We might try to get another session going some time but at the moment am looking forward to going to all the other sessions that are happening.