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Sessions are held every tuesday night, but the biggest one is held only on the 2nd Friday of the month.
A cool place, nice atmosphere, in a warm city.


Being more precise : the session on friday is held ONLY on the 2nd friday of the month.

can anyone say if the Tuesday night session is still going?

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As of november 12th 2007

This session is still being held on tuesdays. Very friendly last time I was there.

As of 17th september 2009

The tuesday session is still going strong.
It usually begins around 10.15/10.30 . There is a bodhran class just before at 9.

Beginners are welcome, though standard could sometimes get high (depending on people present).

Dubliners is still a cool and warm place !

See you soon in Toulouse


Still on Tuesdays. People there from 21h

Re: Dubliners

does this session is still going on ?

Re: Dubliners

It’s being advertised as a ‘jam session’ now…

Re: Dubliners

Session still running! 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month