46 Av Marcel Langer, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France

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Sessions are held every tuesday night, but the biggest one is held only on the 2nd Friday of the month.
A cool place, nice atmosphere, in a warm city.


Being more precise : the session on friday is held ONLY on the 2nd friday of the month.

can anyone say if the Tuesday night session is still going?

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As of november 12th 2007

This session is still being held on tuesdays. Very friendly last time I was there.

As of 17th september 2009

The tuesday session is still going strong.
It usually begins around 10.15/10.30 . There is a bodhran class just before at 9.

Beginners are welcome, though standard could sometimes get high (depending on people present).

Dubliners is still a cool and warm place !

See you soon in Toulouse


Still on Tuesdays. People there from 21h

Re: Dubliners

does this session is still going on ?

Re: Dubliners

It’s being advertised as a ‘jam session’ now…

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Session still running! 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

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As of April 2019
After 30 years of sessions, after a change of ownership, there will no longer be a regular session in Dubliners. There may be occasional sessions for special occasions but for now the only regular session in Toulouse is in the Mécanique des Fluides bar every 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

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Dubliners session is back! 1st and 4th Wednesday from 8:30

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Hello everybody, heads up, this session happens on the *second* and fourth Wednesday of the month