Dubliners Shibuya

2-29-8,Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Dubliners—Shibuya, Tokyo session

1x/monthly, 2nd Wed. of month, 8-11pm.
Alternately hosted by Ken Sakamoto (fiddle, mando & DADGAD guitar) and Jim Ediger [Jediger on thesession.com] (fiddle, piano accordion & cittern).

Usually about 6-8 people, wide range of experience.
All welcome! ..Drop a line & let us know you’re coming.

Directions: About 200 m. from Shibuya station Hachiko exit. Head for "109 Building" on Dogenzaka uphill street. From "109 Biru" it’s 50 m. uphill to the right, 2Fl. Take escalator at Freshness Burger restaurant & AM-PM convenience store. Session is all-season on the balcony.

Slight Correction in Directions

Dubliners is 5-min. walk from Shibuya station on Tokyo’s loop line & several other trains.

The Hachiko Exit is on a big plaza square, brightly lit by huge outdoor screens, crowds of people milling around..

100 m. farther to Dogenzaka, stay on the right as you walk uphill, 50 meters from 109 Bldg. ( Ichi-maru-kyu Biru )

The escalator up to Dubliners is just after convenience store & MOSSBURGER restaurant (not Freshness Burger)..

Session is somewhat leisurely paced.. 10+ people, so pretty good craic…

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Hi I think I will go tomorrow, best rgds, Ronan

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My friend and I (both violin) would like to come this Wednesday, 9/13/17. Hope it’s still up and running!!

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I’ll attend on Sept 12th (2018), 3年ぶり, but can’t bring a mandolin to Japan this time.

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I’d like to come on Sept 12th (tomorrow). Is it happening? (You can email me: dh6@soas.ac.uk )

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Yes, it IS still happening. Nice session indeed.