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Covy Arms Sesh

This music session has been ‘Touring’ Wimborne pubs for more that 15 years. It now comfortably resides in the Covy Arms. The session is predominantly Irish, but all tune styles are welcome. Also all levels of playing are encouraged.

There are usually between 6 - 20 musicians depending on the time of year. We enjoy an appreciative audience and a landlord who supplies a few jugs of Ringwood Best to lubricate our souls.

The pub itself is a traditional Dorset Inn with a fine selection of Ales out of the barrel hosted by the ubiquitous Ringwood Best and 49er.

We also have a CD soon to be available, recorded at a recent session - Only a fiver! - see me for details.

Corfe Mullen

I know this sound kinda dumb but where is it at?
- I mean in relation to Bournemouth?

I still remember happy happy times in beautiful
Dorset! the nearest thing to Irish countryside
on the mainland UK!

BTW have you read any if the Hardy books?

Bournemouth to Corfe Mullen

From Bournemouth town centre, the Coventry Arms is about 7 miles NW. Just under a 2 hour drive in the summer!

Now fully non smoking

Still going strong, and we now smell much better 🙂

The geat smell of hot musicians

That’s a matter of opinion 😉. Maybe that’s how ‘Smash the Windows’ got it’s name.

Relocated to The Chequers - 16th September 2008

As of Tuesday 16th September 2008 this session has now relocated to the Chequers Inn, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6BJ located just to the west of the A350 half way between the A35 and the A31.

The Chequers session will continue to be run on the same all inclusive format and general “session etiquette” will apply. The music is not exclusively Irish and the occasional song, duly timed and suitable for instrumental accompaniment is fine.

There are a core of experienced players who have maintained and developed this session over that last few years, these players do appreciate sitting at the centre of proceedings, however there is plenty of space for everyone to feel involved and contribute to the evening.

To maintain an entertaining environment for both players and listeners the following guidance is offered that proves pertinent to our session.

• It is not entertaining to listen to people practicing tunes.
• The session should not be dominated by the tunes of any individual.
• Respect the pace and inflection set by the tune leader.
• If you are unsure of a particular tune, play quietly; listening is often enlightening.
• Between tunes convivial chat should be given some space, it is a social event after all and this will then leave space for the tunes when they are being played, albeit if a long conversation is envisaged then best to go to the bar.
• Above all else be courteous to fellow musicians.


Is the beer better than the last place, and are the bar staff as nice as the last one.

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Relocated to the Holme Bush

Beer - Variable, since Ringwood was highjacked by Marstons and there stinky Burtonised water, sod off back North. Still, the Doombar can be fantastic - thank heaven for Sharps.
Music - Same old………….

No longer alive.

Suffering from itinerant invasion this session descended into anarchy and died an atonal, arrhythmic death.


Back on, on the third Tuesday only. Now mostly English folk. Tunes, that is ;)

…. so still atonal and arrhythmic then… Dead as far as I know, in case anyone is looking.

If you are visiting the area…

The Coventry Arms is currently serving great food along with a few good beers - no music.
The Chequers - likewise, but not quite so good, so go to the Covy instead.
The Holme Bush should always be avoided.

Best value food in Dorset is The Woodpecker in Spetisbury
Best Pub in the world is the Square & Compass, Worth Matravers - and the very best music

Re: The Coventry Arms

OK - It’s now 2017 - where does all the music go?

If you are travelling/gigging near Poole/Bournemouth/Dorchester and fancy a session at the Coventry Arms give me a shout, a small group of local players may well be happy to meet up for an impromptu midweek session. The popularity of the original session has left an indelible mark on the pub and I am always being asked to arrange evenings by the fabulous landlady Justine and other locals.

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