The Dubliner Folk Pub

Oslo, Oslo, Norway

  • Schedule: Saturday, Tuesday.
  • Telephone: 22337005

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Dubliner in Oslo

Tuesday session starts around 2100 in the back room. More of a singer’s session, but there are definately tunes to be had.

Saturday session starts around 1600 in the front bar. All sorts, depending on who is in town.

Dubliner in Oslo

Tuesdays also tend to be better suited for beginners, though beginners are welcome either day.

This is not a session of ITM

I have observed this session many times. It is more a singing session really, but not even an Irish singing session, anything goes here, it’s rather like a few old hippies get together and celebrate their leftovers from the sixties. There are plenty English songs, country (cheesy stuff), Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Dolly Parton, the whole soundtrack of “Brother where are thou?”, “My way”, “Those were the days”… you get the picture!
Yes, you hear an Irish song now and then: “Dirty old town”, “The rocky road to Dublin”, “The boys of county Down”… you know…
I’m not saying that that’s bad music or anything, but don’t be fooled, a session of ITM this is NOT.
There are some people who play tunes as well, but generally the level is very low, and they have been playing the same five tunes for the last ten years or so, which after a while gets a bit boring I’d say.
Often there is one melody instrument backed by five guitars (not exaggerating), spoons, bodhrans, shaky banana (not an egg), and oh my God… kazoo!
The session on Tuesdays being specially bad.
Although there are some very good musicians in Oslo who can really play ITM to an advanced level, they rarely go to this sessions. Wonder why?
Once in a while on a Saturday you are lucky and get two or three good musicians together, and no folk singers, and there is a decent session, but that doesn’t happen very often.
Nobody gets paid in these sessions, maybe that’s why things are like they are…

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No, this is not a session of ITM

You’re absolutely right. If you are at all religious about your Irish music then the Tuesday session at the Dubliner is not the place to be… on the other hand if you want an enjoyable musical evening with no ‘rules’ about what people are allowed to play or sing then it’s worth a try. The ratio of tunes to songs varies greatly depending quite simply on who turns up. As does the quality of the music, but that’s the price we pay for being a session that welcomes anybody who wants to join in.

Your examples of what’s typically sung there are a tad biased (I can only think of one single song from ‘O Brother where art thou’ that’s been sung there in the last 10 years for example). Richard Thompson, Kate Rusby, Dougie Maclean would have been a better selection seen from my (also biased 🙂 point of view. OK, they aren’t Irish - but nobody ever said that this was an ‘Irish music only’ session in the first place. And you obviously have an open mind on what’s Irish yourself given that ‘Dirty Old Town’ is your first choice for an Irish song 🙂

You’re also right that nobody gets paid, but anyone who participates actively in the session can buy their beer at 35NOK a go which as anyone who lives in Oslo can tell you is a pretty good deal for a pub in the city centre.

Best regards
Another leftover from the sixties

beer at 35NOK is a good enough reason for anyone to go there!
I paid over 80NOK for a pint in Bergen recently, that’s near on £7

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The Dubliner

Many a good day and night has been had in this, probably the best, Irish Pub in Norway. Congratulations to Olav for helping to create such a beautiful pub. Davy Dick and others should be praised for spending many years dedication in helping to promote some lovely Irish tunes, such as the Friendly Visit Hornpipe and the Wonder Hornpipe, and spreading the gospel of ITM and encouraging enthusiasm for great Trad Music. At it’s hey day in the mid 90’s when River dance fever was raging there would be three rows deep in fiddles and banjos. Now with the advent of mobile phone sessions word get’s around if a good player is in town and numerous musicians may come out of the woodwork to grace the session. My personal record of enjoyment in this pub was13 hours (2pm until 3am). It is often attended by people wishing to grasp the pub culture of Britain and Ireland which is not so prevalent in the high beer priced world of Scandinavia. The name Dubliner by the way is commonly used but not necessarily connected with other pubs of the same name for example there’s one in Copenhagen where a sign on the front door loudly claims that breakfast will not be served later than 5pm!
Happy playing and singing.

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There’s one in Stavanger too!

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Was at the dubliner and had a pint here last saturday and the session going on was great! The level was far better than many I’ve visited in Ireland. I talked with a few of the musicans as they went to the bar and it turned out that at least half of them was irish or scottish. It might be that luckily lots of irishmen was in town, but I got the impression that they lived in Oslo permanently. This night it was far more tunes than songs, wich I personally appreciate. But anyway the songs were all irish trad and the tunes included hornpipes, jigs, reels, polkas, strathspeys and even a couple of slow airs. Great variation and will certainly head back another saturday. Have not explored the tuesday session though.

Wiki user type of thing

Hi, we made this user for keeping track of tunes played in Oslo. I hope we will soon see lots of content!

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Recent experience

Yup, there is a lot of singing at this session and the kazoo was still there too. During my recent visit (April 2014) I went to 3 Saturday sessions and was met by great friendliness and enough tunes to keep me happy. My faltering Scottish tunes on borders pipes were happily accommodated and welcomed as a variation. The crowd were appreciative, the beer is still cheap (only certain ones mind…ask first) and I look forward to another visit. There was a right mix of people during those 3 visits. Bearing in mind this session is in Norway and not Scotland or Ireland I think it’s pretty good. Not that being at a session in Scotland or Ireland guarantees anything anyway.

Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

The tuesday session has turned in to tune session. If you want to have a tune in Oslo, this is the spot!

Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

Hi Oslo Session,
We are three American fiddlers from Reno, Nevada, and are looking for some trad Irish tunes. We fly in on the 22nd of August and will be in the area for a few days. We will unfortunately miss the Tuesday session, but is there anyone who’d be interested in getting together for some tunes? We also play some other folk music, and would be open to some Norwegian or other Celtic styles of music. Thanks very much, look forward to meeting you!

Most Sincerely,

Denise Jenkins

New time on Tuesdays

Tuesday session starts at 20:00. Still weekly in the back bar. Mostly tunes.

Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

Hi, is this still on every Tuesday? I will be in Oslo next Tuesday and staying very nearby. Might call in to listen (and possibly play, although I’m very much still a beginner at sessions). Thanks!

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Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

Hi. I’m an Icelandic flute and guitar player planning on coming to the session on Saturday and probably bringing along a singer and a piper from Scotland.

Hope this session is still there!

Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

Tuesday session weekly. Tunes @ 20:00 in the back bar.
Saturday session weekly. Songs & tunes @ 16:00 in the front bar.

Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

Tunes still on on Tuesdays; due to Covid and early closing hours, session has started early (around 19) recently…

Re: The Dubliner Folk Pub

Tuesday session tends to start at 19:00. Still in the back bar.