The Maltings

Tanner’s Moat, York, Yorkshire, England

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Maltings session

originally i believe this session was predominantly english in style, but no one style currently predominates. i tend to play scottish stuff; others
play irish tunes (although this definitely isn’t an "Irish session"), slow, fast, traditional, modern, whatever’s a good tune goes! always good, sometimes stormin’!

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This is a nice session with free food half way throught the night(and it’s good)! I’m not a huge fan of the session as the musicians have their own little alcove and almost seem to distance themselves from the rest of the pub. Songs are heavily frowned upon. As rog said music style varies, there is quite a lot of french canadian stuff in my experience their bible is ‘the portland collection’, great if you like that sort of thing. I wouldn’t recommend it to absoloute beginners but they are a friendly bunch. There is almost always a good range of instruments and sometime the bizzare (I’ve been when there was a guy playing irish tunes on sax) but it’s quite funky. Anyway, i’ll shut up.

I went last night to find the pub empty (but what should I expect straight after new year). A good session still going on there with a double bass this time! good guiness if not stupidly expensive at £2.80!?!?!?!?!? (that’s a LOT for York). Keep it up guys, it was great to see you all.

the map is wrong by the way - it’s by lendal bridge, a few minutes walk from the station

Maltings session

Map now fixed up. Zoom in and pub is on corner Wellington Row/Rougier St. (where A1036 crosses the river Ouse). Great session - good standard and very welcoming.

Tuesday 15th June

Enjoyed a good session on the first night of our holiday while on the way to Scotland. Great to meet with a group of friendly people in a nice pub. Many thanks for a great night and some good tunes!

I went for the first time last week and they are a great bunch of lads and lasses, very friendly. I understand however that during termtime a bunch of students turn up and take over, putting the regulars off somewhat.

£3 for a pint of lemonade in this pub. be warned.

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Is this sesh still on?

…Just checking cos I’m up in York this week so if I can make it I’ll try and get along.

Re: The Maltings

Didn’t stay long at this session the night we visited.

Re: The Maltings

is this session still going

Re: The Maltings

Yes. Please come and play tunes with us. Stats around 8. They make is chips and sandwiches.

Re: The Maltings

Wish we’d been welcomed to the session like that.

Re: The Maltings

I’ll be at a summer school in the area first week in August. If this is still going, I’ll try and come along if they let me out in the evening!