O’Neill’s Pub

Sielstra, Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany

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Session O’Neill’s Pub, N

Every 3rd Wednesday in the month. Better contact me (Irish Trad. Head) if you want to join us. Guests are more than welcome!

Privat sessions also

Please do contact me also if you are in the area but at a different time of the month. Sessions can always be organiced - or a few tunes can always be played in the flat (as far as you don’t play Scottish Bagpipes 🙂)

Change of date

From now on the O’Neill’s sessions are on every first Friday of the month. Please contact me for details…

no more regular sessions there

there is no regular session in O’Neill’s pub any more. But trad sessions can be arranged if people are interested. Just get in touch. Visitors are welcome!

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