Waxy O’Connor’s

44 W George St, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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New Trad Sessions at Waxy O’Connors!!!

Every Sunday, 4pm til 7pm.

Right in the center of town! With two hosts every week, anyone can get up and join in, play some tunes and have a great laugh.

Free drink for every performer, each time they get up.

First session…Sunday October 26th. 4pm.

We hope to see you there. Tell every player and pal you know.


Now also Friday afternoons I believe - from about 4? Not been on a Friday myself though.

Session Terminado!!

Unfortunately I believe that this session has been cancelled and will no longer be on. This truly was a wonderful session and I hope that it may return. If it does I will post again.

BTW - The description of the session by delroylindo was not truly accurate. “Free drink for every performer, each time they get up” - makes it sound like an open mic! It was a proper session.

This session has started up again, although its run by different people, and is again in the growing stages. You do get a free drink or 2 depending on how many people are there, so please come round and join in! The information for this page should be changed because a friend and I started it up again in March of this year (it was on mondays for a month or so, but was then moved again to the sunday and has been there since around May)


Thanks for letting me join in guys (again), very high quality session, but easy going.

I hope you didn’t make that chap from Sarf Lunden sit next to any stentorians when you let him join in!
He might have been driven to do the Bluebell Polka…

Nah, Yhaal, fortunately for the very good players at this and the Friday night session, the last few times I was in Glasgow I just took my flute + whistle, no box, so no Bluebell Polka.
BTW, did anyone pick up a Shaw whistle in D? I think I left it behind. Too much alcohol. Very unusual for me I kid you not.


I went in as an intermediate learner with a few choons - Very welcoming and easy going.


Glasgow Oran Mor Wednesday session moving to Waxies O’Connor’s

Hi everyone,
(Also posted this in sessions)

Please note that the Oran Mor Wed session is moving to Waxies O’Connor’s in the city centre, right next to Queen St Station / Buchanan St Underground (G2 1DH).

Still meeting on weds from 9PM (maybe even earlier if you can make it). Feel free to pop along, we like visitors and we are hoping to be busy the first couple of weeks in particular.

No big fall out at Oran Mor, just too many people finding it an awkward venue to get to (too many Southsiders and Extenders it you ask me).

Feel free to drop me a line at cw67q@(removethispart)yahoo.co.uk
Cheers - Chris

Wed session moved to iron Horse

The Wed session which recently moved to Waxies has relocated to Iron Horse basement 115 West Nile st (11PM closing at Waxies proved popular). Effective from 5th Nov 2014. 8PM start.

Cheers - Chris

Saturday still going???

any idea?

Re: Waxy O’Connor’s

There is no current Sunday afternoon session at Waxy’s which is a real shame as it’s times (4pm to 7pm) suited those of us who can’t do late nights and it’s a convenient and very attractive city centre venue just off Buchanan Street. It was a great location for the Piping! Live events; the session with the Armagh Pipers club was a stoater. The bar manager is disappointed about this too and says she’s trying to get something organised. Why not facebook them as I have done and show support for an open session?

Re: Waxy O’Connor’s

As far as I know there are no sessions at Waxy’s anymore :(

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Waxy O’Connor’s

Sunday trad session back on from 5th September 2021, 6pm-9pm in the Dundas Bar at Waxy O’Connors, just along from Glasgow Queen St Station. Was at advanced skill level previously, sessioneers were very welcoming!

Re: Waxy O’Connor’s

not on anymore