Mitchell’s Cafe

11 1/2 Church Street, Lambertville, New Jersey, USA

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Mitchell’s Famous Irish Session

These are on the First and Third Wednesdays of each month, starting around 8:30 and running until midnight.
If you forget and show up on the 2nd or 4th Wednesday, well, that’s not so bad -- those are Cajun and Old-Timey night, respectively. Run by other people, though; the focus at MFIS is tunes, with the occasional song, and the level is moderately unadvanced to moderately advanced.

Hey Harold!! One of these days Ed and I will make it out to Mitchell’s--hopefully when he doesn’t have to work the next day!

Does anybody know if this session is still going on?

Great Session

Andrew Koontz and I stopped in for the session last night (6 Nov 2013) and had a splendid time. Lots of friendly folks and accomplished musicians. Enjoyed it a ton. Hey Harold: That CCC Celt event in PA that we both performed for was the one where Sarah Agnew and I were on the bill. It took me a while to place your face, but that too was a fun night.--Bill O’Neal

This session is still on

The session is still running. The few times I’ve been there of late there’s been from 10-20 musicians on hand. A very good time I must say.

Re: Mitchell’s Cafe

Mitchell’s Famous Irish Session is coming up on it’s Twentieth anniversary, this September or November, whenever. It is still going strong, there are no ferns in the bar yet, and the stove still glows on winter evenings.
Join in if you get a chance; there’s an available washboard on the wall.

Re: Mitchell’s Cafe

No web page!!? How will I learn what is going on?
The old website was still listed, but it vanished years ago, so I removed the listing. The Session is still there, starting around 8:30PM on the first and third Wednesdays of every month.

Re: Mitchell’s Cafe

Well, as you might have guessed, in May of 2020 all the bars in Lambertville were closed due to the Coronavirus (although none of us ever drank the stuff! Smithwick’s or Yuengling was the go) and there hasn’t been a session since.

However! Whenever we all get vaccinated, achieve Herd Immunity or die (whichever comes first), we’ll hope to see each other in the New Age.


Re: Mitchell’s Cafe

OK! Now that Omigod seems to have peaked in our neighborhood, we’re opening the session again! First and Third Wednesdays, starting around 8PM, at Mitchell’s “Cafe”, 11 1/2 Church Street in Lambertville, NJ.
Join us there and play a tune, sing a song, or just dance around the fire.