Celtic Arts Center

11110 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, California, USA

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The session starts at 9:00 (8:00 on the 1st week of the month) and is very welcoming to all levels. It’s a great place for those who are just starting out.

The acoustics are a bit weird, but they’re working to change that. The atmosphere is not great (it’s not a pub by a long shot, although there is alcohol served in the “snug”), but the people, for the most part are. The quality of music is very unpredictable. We get new faces almost every week and the “regulars” aren’t all that regular. There are two or three of us that are always there. We don’t always play, but we’re always there. Yes, we have no life.

I’m surprised this session wasn’t posted before. It certainly has been around longer than any of the other ones in this area. I came every week and listened for a year or so before I even thought of picking up a fiddle, and that was four years ago. I don’t think I’d even be playing now if this session hadn’t been there.

I visited this session on a couple of occasions. The quality of players varies pretty widely. Seems to be stronger later in the evening, toward the close. There are a few -ahem- ‘experimental’ guitarists I wanted to strangle.
A good guitarist who is willing to do a little coaching would go a long way to improving this session.
I was impressed with a lot of the dedicated beginners, though, and there were a few lovely players that make the trip worthwhile.

Now Meeting at a new location:
T.U. Studios (Theater Unlimited)
10943 Camarillo Street
North Hollywood, CA 91602

Southern California’s longest running traditional music seisiun continues on Monday nights. Same schedule as before!

From Pasadena

Hello - I will be visiting Pasadena in May (2009) for a few
days. How hard is it to get here by public transport?

Celtic Arts Center Seisuin

Updated. The session is still going strong. Most of the people now are coming to the language workshop and Celidh dance workshop (both are free!) Love to see all the new faces attending the language and dance!

As far as the music part of the session, I’d say this is a good intermediate to advance session. As was commented before, it varies widely from week to week.

It’s a great session for all levels. Beginners are encouraged to listen and try a tune or two. There is a slow session for those just starting out on Sundays (www.celticartscenter.org) for more information.

Mayflower Club/Celtic Arts Center

Free introductory workshops in…
Irish Gaelic Language at 7PM — MORE INFO
Irish Céilí Dance at 8PM — MORE INFO
— [Open to all levels! Now EVERY Monday night!]
Our Famous Celtic Seisiún 9–11:00PM
— [A traditional Celtic Jam Session where local musicians raise the roof!]
Come down and enjoy Southern California’s longest running traditional Celtic music jam session. It’s a grand time for all!
Did we mention it’s FREE to members and the public?
Please join us Monday nights at our NEW meeting place…
The Mayflower Club
11110 Victory Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91606

That’s on the south side of Victory Blvd approximately a block west of Vineland Avenue and just east of the powerline tower easement

New Venue

The Celtic Arts Center now meets Monday at the Mayflower Club. I haven’t been to this session in a couple years, but I heard the moved and figured I’d better update this site. From what I hear, it’s still very welcoming to beginners, with a wide variety of levels turning up every week.

Re: Celtic Arts Center/Mayflower Club

Are the Mayfair sessions still going on Monday Nights? And if so, what time?
If not, are they on another day/time?

thanks in advance.

Re: Celtic Arts Center/Mayflower Club

Of course it is still going on! It sort of tailed off to just a few players for awhile, but is regaining considerable health with between 8 and maybe 14 players week to week!

Longest running trad session in os Angeles!

Re: Celtic Arts Center/Mayflower Club

I’ll be in LA Jan 1 through 7. Hope to check this out if its happenin.

Re: Celtic Arts Center

The session is still happening Monday nights 7-9:30pm. I was there last week; there were 2 fiddlers, an uillean piper, a concertina player, folk harpist, guitarist, and trad Irish singer. Intermediate to advanced level…trying to rebuild post-covid..

Re: Celtic Arts Center, Los Angeles

Still going on every Monday night at the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood. A very welcoming session. They have a grand session 7pm-11pm on the first Monday of each month, then on the other weeks, they have a slow session 7-8pm, followed by set dancing 8-9pm, followed by the fast session 9pm to 11pm. All are welcome.