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Sunday Liberal Session

Meets from 4 - 7 pm every Sunday. An intermediate session, very friendly, players of all abilities welcome. Operates as a circle, each player gets a turn to start a tune at his/her own speed. After a tune, anyone can ask that it be played again slower or faster. Session host is Andrew. Nice pub atmosphere, in a side room of restaurant area, minors allowed.

Still going on?

Just checking in to see if this session is still active. I plan to be in Seattle on Nov 21. Cheers, Michael.

Visiting Seattle Sunday, April 24 - Wednesday, April 27

I’ll be at the Fado and Old Peculiar sessions on Sunday (tomorrow!). No pipes this trip, just bringing a flute, whistle, and my Edgley Anglo concertina. Hope to see some of you there! I’m free most evenings after 9 PM, any other suggestions for sessions on Monday or Tuesday night? Also, since my flight arrives at 11 AM on Sunday, any suggestions for early sessions before the one that starts at 4 PM at Fado?



Session now at Kells

We had a great session last night at Kells - plenty of space in the back bar, good acoustics, little noise, beautiful music. And they welcome us back, so that’s where we’ll be now, every Sunday, 4 - 7 pm.

My first session at Kell’s tonight

I attended my first ever session tonight, choosing Kell’s (I play violin). A very nice group and excellent players. I don’t have a lot of Irish tunes memorized and no one else used music, so I played as well as I could from memory and got most of my tunes put together fairly well when it was my turn.

If I go again, I will request that tunes played by others be slowed down now and then so we newbies can pick up the structure. Almost all tunes were fast dance tunes with an Irish ballad or two thrown in. My mind was blown after an hour or so — this is an intense experience! When it was my turn, I really had to think about the structure of the tunes I was trying to play, as my mind was crowded with thousands of little dancing Irish notes!

Kells is definitely an intermediate to advanced session with experienced players. I arrived around 4 but we didn’t really start playing until 4:45 or so in order to accommodate the football fans who were watching the game. (The Seahawks won.) Stayed for dinner afterwards. I’ve always liked Kells’ atmosphere…

Some 2006 dates cancelled

Management wants to make room for hard-drinking Seahawks fans. No session Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 12, and Dec. 24.

Next Session Jan. 8th (cancelled Dec. 31st, New Year’s Day)

Dec. 31st session cancelled…..
our next session is January 8th.
If the Seahawks keep winning games we might have to cancel more sessions - stay in touch.

We play mostly Irish/Scottish tunes. Our tempo is moderate usually, although we do have some speedsters in the group.
All ages and levels are welcome.


March 4th and March 11th we’ll be at

Greenlake Espresso
780 N.73rd
the corner of Linden and Winona.
206 782-1526

The rest of our Sundays are at Fado as usual.

Very enjoyable evening

acaretta and I had the pleasure of visiting this lovely session yesterday. Thanks for being such a welcoming group of people! T.J. and Amanda

Very welcoming to out-of-town players

I normally play at the Dempsey’s Pub session in New York, but I was visiting Seattle and joined the Sunday afternoon (4-7pm) session at Fado. It was my first time playing out of town, and they made me feel very welcome. They have some fine players too. Drop in if you’re visiting Seattle.

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Switch To Saturdays 2-5 Until February 2010


Back to Sunday at 4:00

Saturday’s not working out - we’re back to Sundays at 4:00 unless the SeaHawks are in town. Call first.

BEWARE - not every Sunday as advertised by the Fado website

While in from out-of-town, we drove over an hour to Fados only to find out that this pub is only ‘Irish’ when convenient - NOT when there’s a football game!

There was NO SESSION despite Fado’s website advertising the same.

Still kicking!

Sorry, kmuenchow, for your wasted trip to Fado. This session is still alive and well on Sundays, 4-7 pm, EXCEPT when the Seahawks have a home game. There are occasional Sundays through the year when a private function displaces the session, so if coming from out of town it’s not a bad idea to call ahead. Often if we’re not able to play at Fado we’ll be on the other side of the block at the Owl n’ Thistle on Post Ave.

nice cozy session, this time anyway

This session can get quite large sometimes—both a blessing and a curse—but last Sunday was very pleasant, with just a few friendly players. (But don’t go next Sunday, the 21st. It’s not on, due to football. See previous comments.)

Fado Irish Pub - 2016 and counting

We are still here most Sundays from 4:00 - 7:00 PM. However, due to local Football or Soccer games, please call ahead if you are visiting or not on the email list.

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Re: Fado Irish Pub

Thanks for the update, Aki - so many of these notices languish and leave us wondering …….. !

Re: Fado Irish Pub

visiting Seattle next week…will there be a mother’s day session on the 12th?

2019 - Fado Session still here (except when there are Seahawks or Sounders Games)

Join us at Fado most Sundays from 4:00 - 7:00 PM. We are usually in the front room or in the back "Dungeon". Session is cancelled if there is a Seahawks or Sounders game, or other large events in Pioneer Square. Please call the pub to confirm, if you are not on our mailing list.

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Re: Fado Irish Pub

Can I get on the mailing list for the sessions at Fado?

Re: Fado Irish Pub

Is there No one out there? I guess I will just go to the session.

Fado Irish Pub in Seattle is closed

Another victim of the 2020-2021 pandemic — on 01/28/2021, Fado made the decision not to reopen their Seattle location.

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