A Touch Of Madness

12 Nuttall Road, Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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Trad in Cape Town

As far as we know, we’re the only session in South Africa, so if you’re anywhere within a 1700km radius feel free to drop by. The session’s been going for close on 20 years now, and tradheads can rest assured that it’s the reel thing.

The venues are Theresa’s in Kalk Bay and A Touch of Madness in Observatory - the session alternates between the two venues each week, so send me an email through thesession.org or give me a call on +27 (0)21 4031037 during office hours.

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More contact details / addresses:

A Touch of Madness:
42 Trill Road, Observatory, 7925, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone - (+27 21) 448 22 66

Theresa’s Restaurant
Telephone : (+27 21) 788-8051
Address : Clairvaux Road, Kalk Bay

Andrew - (+27 21) 447 9114
Woody - (+27) (0)824559930

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No longer at Theresa’s - we’re at A Touch of Madness in Obz every week now.

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And now, the Cape Town Irish Traditional Music Collective proudly presents: A weekly Slow Session at the Obz Community centre between 7pm and 8pm on Thursday before the proper session down the road at A/T/O/M! Hooray!

Still the premier destination for real traditional Irish music in South Africa!

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Damn. They threw us out of the community centre cuz of being a noisy bunch (I’ll bet it was the black-belt origami class next door that complained). But we’re still meeting at people’s houses and stuff.

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Cape Town Session

I will be in Simonstown in April. Is there a session within a taxi ride?

Since Q is MIA right now, you can contact me through TheSession.org if you want to join our session.

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I’m coming home in September - w000t!

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Cape Town Session Folks

I see the comments all go back many years and nothing recent…. But I hope you are all still around and playing together. Am here in Cape Town for a couple weeks at a course at the UCT business school on the waterfront. Would very much like to meet up and play some tunes. Am flexible and willing to meet up wherever it would work. thanks! dcc

Visiting home - want to play!

Hi, I will be in Cape Town from Jan 2 until Jan 19 2014. When and where will the sessions be? I organise sessions around Korea (www.ceoltoirisoul.com) and would really like to get in on the scene in my awesome hometown!

How is there a website other than this one?

The session has moved until further notice to Mimi’s:
78 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town
Usually get going from 7:30 ish.

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Re: Touch Of Madness

Glorious return to Touch of Madness every Thursday from 7:30 ish

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Re: Touch Of Madness

great news Woody. I believe the newly refurbished Touch of Madness is an excellent home for a lively session.
See you there soon

Re: Woodstock Brewery Taproom

Please check out our new home!

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