Nanny O’Brien’s

3319 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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ostensibly starts at 9pm, but lately has been getting going closer to 10pm. runs until about 1am or so.

(i know, it’s a bit much for a weeknight, but still…)

used to be a kids’ seisiun once a month before the regular seisiun, but not anymore.

Session at Nanny’s in peril

Management has just changed hands, so the future of this long-running session is in doubt.

Nanny’s O’Brien’s Pub has been sold

It’s finally been announced. Nanny O’Brien’s Pub in Washington, DC has been sold. However, the new owners operate some other bars on the same block, and have said that they want to keep the name and the Irish decor. I don’t know if the session there will continue or not. I’m sure sure there will be more news soon.

word on the street is: new owners bought all the bric-a-brac off the old owner, are keeping the name, and don’t want to change the music element. that said, there might be some renovations (fingers crossed), so the back room might be out of commission for a little while, but like NorthEagle said, no firm news yet.


from the Washington Post’s "Going Out Gurus", 2/1/07:

Petworth, D.C.: I am in deep, deep mourning for the Nanny’s that was.
So, what can you tell us about Bedrock’s plans for Nanny’s?

Fritz: Well, it’s reopening today after a one-day cleaning job. The kitchen is going to be back in gear "soon," says Bedrock founder Geoff Dawson, who adds that the kitchen hasn’t changed since he applied for a position at Gallagher’s, Nanny’s predecessor, a few decades ago.
Mostly, though, what I’m hearing from the Bedrock folks is that they want to keep the good parts of Nanny’s — friendly staff, good music, great pints of Guinness — and ditch all the negatives, like slow service, the odd smell, etc. As someone who went to Nanny’s on his 21st birthday, I’m rooting for them.

The new management wants this session to continue

I was at the first session at Nanny’s after the change in management (February 6), and it was great to see people come out and support the session. The new management wants the session to continue. I hope they stick to their word, and to their plan to renovate the restrooms and kitchen. Some of the old staff was hired, too. So far so good, and come on by if you are visiting the DC area soon. (However, the Web address listed here is no longer correct — hopefully the new owners will post a new site soon.)

Web site for Pub; also, starting up right at 9pm now

The Web site for the pub is

Also, this session is now starting right at 9pm now, though some regulars can’t make it until later. New management, so far, has been pretty supportive of this session and trad music in general (still keeping my fingers crossed). Still, this session is almost back to the wonderful pace it had years ago, and if you are visiting the DC, come by and check us out.

Still going

I have been visiting DC for many years and always go the the session at Nanny’s and remember when it was THE session in DC. Many of the old regulars have gone elsewhere, but the session is like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going, and going. I have always enjoyed it. Last week I went and Brendan Mulvilhill and Brian Gaffney were there and the session was fantastic.


Nanny O’Briens

Popped in here while visiting friends on 28th April. Lots of musicians, great tunes and a friendly welcome. Thanks guys!

HELP!!!! Left my music at Nanny O’Briens!!!!!!!

Oh no!!!!! I’m afraid I left ALL my carefully organized tunes and sets at the session weeks ago… Thought I would run acrss them in moving, but alas, no! 3x5 cards on rings in purse-like fake leather black bag with handles and red interior. Represents an enormous amount of work and woud be MOSTgrateful to discover their whereabouts and recover them before I move to Australia! Am in DC till Friday, if anyone remembers seeing, please email Karen from Richmond at

Still going strong as of February 2010

The pub has been under the "new" management for two years now, and the session is still going strong. And we pretty much start on time now, too, at 9pm. If you are in the DC area, come by and play a bit.

Check with pub first during American football season (in the autumn)

A word of warning: if you are in the DC area from roughly late August through end of November, and want to play at this session, check with the pub first to make sure that the session is not per-empted by Monday Night Football. Here in the US, wide screen (American) football is an important money maker for bars. SInce our session is in the the back room, and most sport fans are in the front part of the bar, there is no problem. But certain teams elicit large numbers of fans, especially the New York Giants and the local home town term, Washington Redskins. Then we just don’t have the session.

Nanny O’Brien’s session time change

In a slight break with a 20-year tradition the session will start at 8 p.m. (going till whenever) as of Jan. 6, 2014. All players welcome!

All good things must come to an end

After 20 years of history as the oldest continuously-running seisiun in the DC area, and notwithstanding earlier premature reports of its demise, the Nanny’s seisiun tradition has finally given way to the business demand for yet another sporting event-watching venue.

Last Session was Wonderful

Last night (July 14, 2014) was the last session, and there was quite a turn-out. Well, the pub owners say they have some new ideas for Monday night. Whatever. But thanks to everybody who came by over the years.

Nanny O’Brien’s Pub

This is a new, monthly session that is currently open for all level of players. Our first installment is June 3rd. We’d love to have you! Contact with any questions.

Re: Nanny O’Brien’s

Sorry for the delay, our session was on hiatus while I recovered from a pretty bad elbow injury. We’re back on it’ll be Thursdays. the next session is September 27th and 7pm. We’d love to welcome beginner and intermediate players, and I hope you can make it! Let me know if you’ve got any questions.

Thanks for your patience,

Arthur R

Re: Nanny O’Brien’s

So glad the craic is back at Nanny’s. Is it every Thursday? And in the back room again?