Fiddler’s Hearth

127 North Main Street, South Bend, Indiana, USA

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Starts usually around 8:30 or so and goes till closing. Led by David James and Kim Hoffman.


There is also a session here on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Starting time is 3:00pm. A friendly, fun group of good players.


I’m sorry! The Sunday session occurs on the 2nd Sunday of the month rather than the 3rd. David and Kim lead this one too.

Th emonday nights are always fun for me. I don’t make it very regularly but every time i do I have a great time. great pub, great people and fine fine musicianship.

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The Monday session is still going as of August 2018.

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Fiddler’s Monday session tunebook.

Above is a link to our tune book. A lot of the tunes in the book are from the David James/Kim Hoffman era ~ 10-20 years ago. David and Kim frequented the Chicago sessions, especially the South side, back in the day. I am still working to edit the book so the versions are closer to what we actually play. I am also trying to add new tunes as they come around on a yearly bases.
In the TOC there is an index system for the common tunes we play. There is a fair amount of relatively obscure tunes that we don’t play much anymore but it is my hope that we cycle them back through going forward.

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The sessions are now starting around 7 PM. As of 2019, and I’m posting this in March 2020. We still go until 10 o’clock, sometimes later. There is a fiddler’s hearth Monday night session group on Facebook.

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Sunday sessions have been moved to second Sundays, starting about 3 PM … and then playing for dancers from 4-6 PM.