Glenside Pub

122 Easton Road, Glenside 19038, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Technically, the Glenside is located North of Philly, but it’s close enough. Located in cozy little Glenside, the session is led by Philly staples John Brennan (guitar, fiddle) and John McGillian (box boy), who also lead other sessions in Philly.

On the average night there is about 7 musicians there. Usually myself on flute, a local bodhranist who is quite decent, a handful of fiddlers, and occasionally a keyboardist. The pub is in a square "U" shape, and the session takes place sorta in the corner (hope that makes some sense). The session is miked though (2 mics— 1 for each of the Johns), so on the rare occasion that there are more than 10-12 people, the tunes can still easily be heard from the back tiers of the circle. It’s also nice because if you don’t know a tune, you can play quietly, and your sound won’t be picked up by the mics.

In general, just a nice cozy little pub where the locals hang out, and where out-of-towners are of course welcome.

Oh, the tunes tend to be played a bit fast, and there are often local contra or Irish dancers that come in that dance sets, so be prepared to give your fingers a workout.

Session No Longer In Service

Sadly, as of 1:40 AM, this session is officially out of service. Seems among other things it was getting too costly for the pub owner to keep the live music license. There are alas other sessions in Philly, but this was my favorite of the bunch. Anywho, so if you’re looking for a session in Philly, don’t come a’knocking at the Glenside anymore 🙁

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