Ha’penny Bridge Pub

855 Broad St., Boise, Idaho, USA

Five comments

Held 6:30 to 8:30 PM Sundays from September to June, not in summer because everybody is doing something else.

Session times

We actually get started, Sunday nights, around 7:00 and go to 9:00 to 9:30. The music is mostly tune oriented but we have a number of phenomenal singers and weave their songs in throughout the evening. The tune speed is typically fast but we easily accommodate anyone at their speed, on their tunes. Free beer is provided by Ha Penny to all the session players and the atmosphere is otherwise family-oriented since Ha Penny is a restaurant as much as a pub. We are treated well by the Ha Penny Pub and really appreciate their support of Irish music!

Remember, the session closes during the summer, just too many great things to do in the Idaho outdoors.

We are in our 12th year and still playing tunes, same time same place. The management of the Ha’Penny has been phenomenally supportive. Drop by and you will have a good time!

Re: Ha’penny Bridge Pub

Still on, 13th year. Sundays 7:30 to around 10pm. musicians get free beer.