Dunne’s Pub

15 Shapham Place, White Plains, New York, USA

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Basic info

I was told about this session by a co-worker who manages part of the website for the NYC Irish Arts Center.

The session is led by Brian Conway who, I am told, is an amazing fiddler, and a very pleasant guy.

I do not know if it’s an open session or not. If anyone has been to the session, and knows whether it’s open to inexperienced players, I’d appreciate it if you could post your comments.

White Plains

As no-one has posted to this for some years I thought I’d let people know this is still going. Popped in last week while over in NY state. It is a miked session but is pretty informal and additional musicians seem to be welcome. Music good but at a steady rather than frantic pace. Quite a quiet venue with an appreciative audience.

Dunne’s Pub session in White Plains, NY

I attended this miked session on Wednesday, Oct 6, 2010 and it was great! Brian Conway is a very accomplished fiddler, and he was backed by Dave Donohue of Cork, an amazing guitarist and vocalist. Fiddler Heather was outstanding and young man Finn was also quite good. All very friendly. IMHO this particular session was more a professional amplified performance than a typical accoustical open session. Dunne’s Pub is a smallish restaurant/pub, and the place was crowded when I arrived at about 7:30pm. (The session starts at 7:00pm) Plenty of reasonably priced paid parking adjacent to the pub, and some nearby on-street parking if you can find it.

Could that have been Gabe Donohue of Galway? Fiddler was likely Heather Martin Bixler.

Dunne’s Pub Session with Brian Conway

Just an update. This is an open session, selectively miked. It runs from 7:30 PM to about 10:30 PM every Wednesday. Brian often has a guest musician sitting in with him, but all players are warmly welcomed.

‘selectively miked’!


Also a session on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. More casual than Brian’s: No mikes, no featured guests. Not at all a gig: We tip the staff.