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We start around 7:00 every Monday night, play until whenever… usually around 9 or so. If we really start rolling who knows 🙂

Anywhere from 5-20 people show up. Averages about 10. Wide range of instrumentation and music played. Irish traditional, Scottish, Welsh, Ozark Mtn, etc. Anything goes.

We go in ordered fashion so everyone gets their request in… everyone takes a turn in calling out the tune.

Hope to see you there!!!

The Magice Bean Coffeehouse

This is the establishment at the described address where the HoolieGans hoolie meets.

That would be the ** THE MAGIC BEAN **

(if I could spell) 🙂

New location

The Hooligans now hold session at Galloway Station,
4211 S Lone Pine Ave
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 890-1626
monday nights, 7-9

New Session in Nanaimo

The Dinghy Dock Pub on Protection Island.
(Free foot ferry for players)
Near Nanaimo BC Canada
Alternate Tuesday evenings.
My Home in Nanaimo for the Other Tuesdays.
for info call
Paul Gitlitz
250-716 5854

Additional info about Nanaimo session

We start around 7:30 and cover Irish, Scottish, Quebecois, Oldtimey, Cape Breton, Contra, Newly composed, anything goes really.
Nice friendly folks.

Hooliegans Session

not sure how some session in canada is relevant to the Hooliegans session, but anyway, for more info on the Hooliegans session now held every monday night at Galloway Station, please check this link:


This session is now the "Galloway Session" on Republic Rd.