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My friend John Carty from Boyle, Roscommon tipped me off about the session here. The great Peter Horan usually runs it, but he was absent the night I was there… apparently a very unusual occurrence. This being south Sligo, it was a rather flute-heavy session, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable playing fiddle at all. The people were extremely friendly, and we did a great deal of tune swapping. A very pleasant, laid-back session! The session may take place on nights other than Monday, so it is worth calling the pub if you think you will be in the area. (If you’re staying in the area that evening, I highly recommend the San Giovanni B&B… the landlady is really nice, the rooms are delightful, and her two children play in the local ceili band.)


quite often go to Gurteen on Saturday night when its quite usual to play with Peter Horan. REally nice, friendly gentleman who makes everyone welcome. Session is led by Peter and usually a box player and there are sets which are usually played. I found I would know quite a lot of the tunes and its a very comfortable session.

Gone downhill

Since Peter Horan fell into ill-health, I feel this session has gone downhill.

Sessions change…

Traditional music, is not about the musician, as musicians are only facilitators of the music, and the music is the people.
The people being the musicians ,the listener, the dancer,the drinker, the singer,the story teller, the bar staff, anyone who contributes by just being there.
While Peters presence is greatly missed he has encouraged this Monday night with a difference for the past 24 years and it continues to be different every Monday night for for all who come to enjoy…Viva la Difference

I still say it went downhill.

You, Corncrake, did not attend this session for a few months. I was there every Monday. My first comment was based on a weekly take-your-pick as to who would turn up.
As it happens, I was very pleased indeed to hear that you were to take over as I was presuming that you would be unavailable.
So yes it did go downhill for a bit, but now it’s up again.

re: your ‘Sessions Change’ comment, I haven’t a clue what you mean.
Thread ends here.

Great session.

A great session with Pat (guitar/vocals), Padraig (flute) and Joe (drums and vocals). Always a welcome for anyone who wants to play or sing.

More like a show…

Musicians (3 guys one guitare, flute and drums) are amplified. They welcome musicians to join for a set or a bit more, but the ambiance is more like playing a show in front of public than playing in a session.

Re: More like a show.

Yes, I agree. It’s not a session at all. Don’t go there any more. Neither do many local trad. musicians I know.