Tugboat Annie’s

2100 West Bay Drive, Olympia, Washington, USA

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A welcoming, open, intermediate session with approx 3/4 tunes and 1/4 chorus-rich songs. Regular session hours are 8 pm to 10 pm with some experimentation after 10.

For more than 20 years

The Wednesday Night Irish Seisiun has been a Olympia tradition for over 2 decades. It continues to been a warm, and inviting gathering for seasoned players or those just learning.

contact; O-Grady@comcast.net

360-943 -1831

Recent contact info

Additional contact info for this session is: mraric06@gmail.com or 360-790-2371

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“2017“ Still going Strong
Summer and Winter hours very.Tugboat Annie’s Olympia WA 360-943-1850 https://tugboatannies.com/

Contact: Rick ( above)
or T. Murry; Tomurrrr@comcast.net
1- 360-943-1831

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I visited Tugboat Annie’s for their first session in a long time. (They tell me) It was a great time and I hope you guys can keep it going for a long time to come.
Thank you so much!

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Session held every Wednesday 6:30 to 8:00pm. You can download our tune book from the website. Many of the players have been with the session for over 20 years. Come join the musical conversation.