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Please note I am a traveller, not a local, I visit here once or twice a year. My info might be out of date.
I believe this pub is a stronghold of South Australian Trad Music society but there was a big festival on up the country the night I went so it was a bit quiet. Friendly crowd, some fiddle, some whistle, some songs. I expect a lot of Irish tunes in Australia, but it

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Friday session details

Starts late on Friday nights, usually 10:30pm or so, and generally goes through until around 2am.

Led by Pat Organ (accordion), Mainly reels and jigs with the odd hornpipe or polka occasionally. No waltzes, airs, or singing, except perhaps at the end when people are packing up to go. Suits more experienced/advanced players.

Usually several accordions, couple of flute/whistle players, Uilleann pipes occasionally, bodhran or two, fiddle or two, occasional banjo, guitar or two.

Overseas and interstate visitors most welcome. We like to learn new tunes and sets, so bring some of your favourites along when you come to visit. 🙂

Re: Governor Hindmarsh

I’d been going to the Gov sessions for a few years back in the ‘90’s, but left to live in Sydney in ‘98. I’d come back to visit every now and then earlier on, and the sessions were always the same, good players, good flow of tunes, and even a bit of supper and a drink for the participants.

In 2008, I returned to live in Adelaide, but was involved with Classic Hit Pub Bands for a few years until I’d had enough last year and started to think about The Gov and my friend Pat Organ (Button Accordion - permanent fixture 😉 and session leader), and how great the sessions always were, so I returned as a "regular" just before Christmas. There’s some new faces of course, but the atmosphere’s just the same, and happily, Pat’s still there with quite a few of the folks I knew in the ‘90’s as well.

Nowadays, there is a song or two, but it’s mostly tunes. There’s often a good audience and occasionally, there’ll be a night soccer match at the stadium across the road and that’ll fill the place and noise it up a fair bit, but it’s still a great atmosphere.

This session is pretty reliable, as it’s rarely cancelled. The only times you’ll find it’s not happening, is if there’s an important Celtic/Folk festival on somewhere around the country, or Christmas or Easter fall on or around the Friday night. An old story says that many years ago, one of them (Christmas or Easter) was once cancelled in favour of a Friday night session. Such is the dedication of the regulars, but that could be a bit of a local tale. Although it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, it’s a pretty intrenched session. However, don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not an exclusive session, new players, (and prodigals like me) are encouraged and heartily welcomed. Not all participants are "oldies" either, it’s pleasing to see some young talented musos involved and having a ball as well. There’s some even younger kids and teens etc showing up and taking a keen interest at some of Adelaide’s Sunday afternoon sessions too. Stay tuned as they join the fray at The Gov in the years to come.

I’ve not been able to pin down this session’s exact origins, but I’m led to believe it could have been going since the ‘60’s in various pubs around Adelaide, and possibly The Gov since around the late ‘70’s, early ‘80’s, but happy to be corrected if the dates are incorrect.

I’ve been to a lot of sessions around Australia and Ireland. Believe me, this is a good one, and worth your time.

Re: The Gov

According to the website the starting time is 9.30pm.

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