Morrison’s Pub

Ritterstraße 38-40, Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

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Morrisons Pub

First Session will be start at the 5th of November 2015.
After that, the session should be held every first Thursday of the month.
To have contact with the members of the Session, you will be find a group in Facebook, search for “Irish Folk in Leipzig”.
We will meet us 8 pm there and the Session starts 9 pm.
See you there!

Re: Morrisons Pub

This Session have a Summerbreak from July until September.

Re: Morrisons Pub

Is this session still happening? Latest dates from the pubs website are from 2019.

Re: Morrisons Pub

Yeah it is, off course there was a break due Covid Pandemic. At the moment the session is on the first Monday of the month, because they renovate the basement pub area. You’ll find the dates on the Facebook group.