Sagaya City Market

900 W 13th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

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Sagaya City Market (13th & I location)

A monthly session (first Monday of every month) in the cafe at Sagaya City Market’s downtown location. NOT a slow session, but relaxed atmosphere & very inclusive/welcoming to all skill levels who want to give it a shot. There’s often a bit of singing and set/ceili dancing too.

Re: Sagaya City Market

This session has become very hit or miss. Definitely no get-together in Feb. 2017, but hopefully we’ll be back in March.

Re: Sagaya City Market

This has been hit or miss all winter. I don’t think there’ll be a session on May 1st (2017), but we should be back in action after that. People usually really enjoy playing (and dancing) on the outdoor patio during the summer.

Re: Sagaya City Market

I think it’s safe to say this session has died out, but many of the same folks play at the Loussac Public Library (see that session listing) twice a month, and we get together for monthly ceilis during the fall, winter and early spring.