The Bull’s Bridge Inn

333 Kent Rd, Kent, Connecticut, USA

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Bulls Bridge Inn

This is a weekly, intermediate session. We have a number of wonderful singers also.
Contact Dave Paton @ or
Ren Nickson @ with any questions.


Session starts at 7pm.

Dec 29th 2015

We will not be playing Tuesday Dec 29th as the venue has a large party and needs the space. Will be back at it the following Tuesday.

Session at Bulls BridgeInn

Got to go a few weeks ago. First time ever at a live session! Sure enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the Inn, and the friendly attitude of the group playing there!

Session at Bulls Bridge Inn

Oh, did I mention the music??!! Really enjoyed it!!

Re: Bulls Bridge Inn

Pending re-opening of the Bull’s Bridge Inn post-COVID and when its staffing problems are resolved, the session has been meeting for the last few months at Stissing Hall in the center of Pine Plains, New York. If interested in attending, please contact to make sure it’s on for that week (it usually is, but there have been a few weather and other cancellations).

Re: Bulls Bridge Inn

After a COVID hiatus we are back on Sundays from 5 to 8pm. Hup!

Time for Sunday

5pm to 8pm

Re: Bulls Bridge Inn

That’s amazing news!

Re: The Bull’s Bridge Inn

Still rocking a great session! Even on Super Bowl sun.