The Running Pump

Catforth Road, Catforth, Lancashire, England

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The Running Pump

Last Sunday in the month. Mixed session mostly Irish tunes and songs. Part of the “Mount” session on tour schedule. See The Mount session Fleetwood.

What time’s kick off ?

Kick Off

Sorry! kick off is between 8pm and 8.30pm (we usually start by 8.30 wherever we are but this pub advertises 8pm so we try to get there for then and start a bit earlier if we have a quorum).

Session suspended

The pub is now up for lease. So until further notice this venue will be replaced with an extra session at The Shillaylee Bar St Annes Lytham St Annes. See separate entry under that name for details.

Session now fourth Sunday of month

Pub due to re-open 17th Mar so session reinstated. BEWARE! Now fourth not last Sunday.

Re: The Running Pump

Session suspended and moved to The Black Bull Great Eccleston (see separate entry) till further notice

Session reinstated but now THIRD Sunday of month

Follows some confusion over the early closing time being imposed (now resolved), and a successful relaunch at the Black Bull. It has been decided to stick to the arrangement agreed with the Bull (see separate entry) to have the session there every fourth Sunday of the month and go to the Pump on the third Sunday (replacing the one at The Steamer Fleetwood).
Full schedule is therefore now: 1st Sunday The Steamer (see separate entry), 2nd Sunday Shillaylee St Annes (see separate entry), 3rd Sunday The Running Pump, 4th Sunday The Black Bull Great Eccleston (see separate entry), 5th Sunday The Steamer

“The Fleetwood session-on-tour”

“The Fleetwood session-on-tour” - Northwest Lancashire, England - a mixed session but mostly Irish tunes and a few songs, all at a reasonable standard…
( - gospel according to Bernie Brewin, earliest contribution April 1st, 2019 - )

1st Sunday - The Mount Hotel, Fleetwood - 8:30 p.m. -

2nd Sunday - Shillaylees Bar, St. Annes - 8:30 p.m. -

3rd Sunday - The Running Pump, Catforth - 8/8:30 p.m. -

4th Sunday - The Black Bull, Great Eccleston - 8:30 p.m. -

5th Sunday (if) - The Mount Hotel, Fleetwood - 8:30 p.m. -