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The Rose

Weekly Sunday session 6-8pm, mostly Irish but not all and quite a lot of singing. Friendly and welcoming to passing musos.

Thanks for the welcome guys

I happened to be staying in the attached hotel to this bar. The session was open and welcoming, and created a lovely atmosphere in the bar. It is quite organised with tunes set out via notation but they were happy to let me start a few. Nice mix of tunes and songs. I’m used to my Sunday session closing around midnight so it was a bit of a culture shock when it packed up at 8pm. But a lot of the guys are teachers and we can’t have the youth educated by the bleary-eyed!

It contrasted with a plastic paddy Irish Bar, Danny Doolans we dropped into on Auckland harbour waterfront. The band there didn’t want to take any time away from their Justin Beiber tribute act.