Fiddlers Green

1224 Bishop Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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O’Reagan’s Session on Wednesday 8 - 11

This session consists mostly of Siamsa School of Irish Music in Montreal students but others warmly welcomed. Most players are relative beginners and willing to play tunes slowly. More accomplished players drop in regularly since it’s a very friendly session. Instruments include Whistles, Fiddles, Irish and Concert Flute,Guitar, Mandolin, English Concertina, Button Accordion, Bodhran and various pipes (when Ken joins us) with the occasional song thrown in for good measure.


I dropped by this session 5/04 during a business trip. Started up about 9 pm -- I had 8 pm from some source and there wasn’t a soul in sight, but fortunately I decided to check back in an hour or so given the casual Irish regard of time 🙂. The group was very warm and friendly and there was a nice atmosphere. Not having a huge repetoire I played along on a few tunes and listened on others. One of the regulars was nice enough to strike up a conversation with me as well. Overall a fine session and if I lived in Montreal one I’d attend regularly!

Singing Session

The Irish Music Session is held every Wednesday from 8-00pm onwards. There is now a singing only session that is held on the first and third Sunday of the month from 6-30pm onwards.

Singing Session

The singing session is no more, unfortunately but Wednesday nights at 8-00 is still a very active beginner session

Session status

This session is alive and well. We usually get 10-20 people playing. The link above has a list of tunes that we generally know/play. We often sing 2-3 songs during the course of an evening and have Whistles, Fiddles, Irish and Concert Flutes,Guitars, Mandolins, English Concertinas, Button Accordions, Bodhrans and Uilleann Pipes playing at some point.

The atmosphere is relaxed and tune speed is usually a bit slower than dance pace. The sets can be lively though, and beginners are encouraged to start their own tunes in order to set the pace.

We are a very welcoming bunch (though I do say so myself and shouldn’t) and would love to have you drop by whether you live in Montreal or are just passing through!

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It seems O’Regan’s has closed as of the beginning of February 2011. Didn’t hear anything official from the bar, but until it opens again, or we can find a new permanent home, we may be moving week to week. If you plan to be in Montreal for a session on Wednesday you can email me to find out what the plans are. If anything more permanent shows up I’ll post another update.

The session is still going strong, although we may have to move from week to week. Feel free to email me with the address above if you plan to attend and need the latest update

The O’Regan’s pub is no more, but has been bought out and is now the Fiddlers Green. The session still goes on strong, Wednesday nights from 8:00pm. See the new entry for the Fiddlers Green pub for directions.

New Ownership

The session is still at the same place with the same crowd but the pub is under new management and has changed names to the Fiddlers Green. Every Wednesday night, come rain or shine, from 8:00pm onwards. If you’re planning a trip to Montreal and want to check up on any changes, or to find out about other sessions in Montreal, send an email to

Re: Fiddlers Green (Session Not Active)

The bar closed recently and we are still looking for a new home. As soon as we have more info, I’ll post a comment here