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Kafé Neu

This is a monthly session, taking place every 2nd Sunday of the month, starting around 5pm and ending by latest means at 11pm.

Generally there is a core of 6 players consisting of 1 multi (fiddle, flutes, zouk, guitar and singing), 1 banjo/mandolin, 1 fiddle, 1 guitar/bodhrán/singer, 1 guitar and 1 bodhrán. It may be not a beginner´s session, but if you are not comfortable with higher speeds and ask politely a slowdown for some tunes will be possible.

If possible, come using public transport, as the tram/bus station Am Weinberg is less than 100 steps away and the parking situation is problematic.

Re: Kafé Neu

Update: We´ve moved to every 3rd sunday each month, although for various reasons there may occasionally be no sesh at all. Feel free to contact me beforehands to avoid making a futile trip - there´s some delicious food at the Kafé, but that´s no substitute for a session…

Re: Kafé Neu

Due to Pfingsten there will be no session on the 20th of May. Instead it will take place on week after, on the 27th.

Also, we now generally start sometime between 6 and 7pm and play until midnight.