248 Allen Street, Buffalo, New York, USA

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Notes: New Seissiun Launch

THIS IS A BRAND NEW SEISSIUN, SET TO LAUNCH ON SATURDAY, MARCH 6 AT 4:00 PM. For this launch, there will be free snacks for musicians and patrons. There will also be available pints of Guinness @ $2.75 ea. for patrons and, of course, free pints for musicians. Eamonn “Ed” Dillon is our spiritual and otherwise honored session leader. Ed is a fiddle player from Country Clare, Ireland and resides in Buffalo. The sessiun contacts are Mark Warford, Tim Herring, Sara McClelland, and Brendan Brown. Although the skill level listed is “intermediate,” there will regularly be more accomplished musicians playing and occasional masters. However, this is a traditional open session – all levels of musicians are welcome and will be encouraged and taught in the Irish way: by Ear. Eist! Nietzsche’s is the LEGENDARY live music club in Buffalo and has been for decades. Owner Joe Rubino is pleased to support this seissiun and we thank him for that. Buffalo Irish musicians particularly encourage the sessioneers from the Rochester, NY and Toronto, Canada branches of Comhaltus to join us for this sessiun. Musicians from all other areas are of course invited. Failte!



FROM EAST OF BUFFALO: Head West on I-90 (NEW YORK STATE TRWY) (Portions toll); Merge onto NY Route 33 West (KENSINGTON EXPRESSWAY) via exit number 51W toward BUFFALO; Take the GOODELL STREET exit toward ROUTE 33 West; Stay straight to go onto GOODELL STREET; Turn RIGHT onto NY ROUTE 5 (MAIN STREET); Turn LEFT onto ALLEN STREET.

FROM NORTH OF BUFFALO: Take I-190 South (Portions toll); Take the PORTER AVENUE exit number 9- toward PEACE BR/FT ERIE CAN; Turn LEFT onto PORTER AVENUE; Turn RIGHT onto WADSWORTH STREET; WADSWORTH ST becomes ALLEN STREET;

FROM SOUTH OF BUFFALO: Take I-90 “East”, which of course heads North part of the way (Portions toll); Merge onto NEW YORK STATE TRUWAY/I-190 NORTH via exit number 53 toward DOWNTOWN BUFFALO/CANADA (Portions toll); Take the ROUTE 266/NIAGARA ST exit number 8; Turn LEFT onto NIAGARA ST/NY-266; Turn RIGHT onto HUDSON STREET; Turn RIGHT onto WADSWORTH STREET; WADSWORTH STREET becomes ALLEN ST.

Tune list

Traditional Irish tunes and songs (Sean-nos and English Language). The Buffalo Comhaltus branch is named for the late and great Irish fiddle player Martin Wynne, who lived, played, and passed on in Buffalo – thus we play the reels he composed and played.

We play the standard session reels and jigs – plus we are interested in lesser played tunes and some new compositions (i.e. “Roaring Water”, by Altan).

How far from Rochester is this session? I’ll be visiting from Boston in June for my cousin’s wedding.

Rochester is about 60 -90 mins from Buffalo, an easy drive, come on over!

The Session Works!

I was going to be in Buffalo NY over the weekend to bring my son to school. Decided to check “The Session” website to see if there was a place to play. I found a session at Nietzsches on Saturday, and decided to check it out. I was welcomed by some great people; Mark, Natalie, Ed, Ann, Jean, and Frank. I had a great time playing with them and they also invited me to play at the Irish Arts Festival in town that weekend. Thanks alot to you guys, I had a ball. I hope to see you again the next time I visit my son. If you happen to be in Buffalo on a Saturday check it out. Thanks also to this great web site for the information. It Works!

Nietzsche’s Session, new time 4-8 each Saturday (Jan2008)

Come one, come all! Musicianship Intermediate to Advanced,
Beginners welcome. No cover charge. Great audiences.
Traditional Singers (English and/or Gaelic) welcome.
For info, email Thanks.

Latest on Nietzsche’s

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the Nietzsche’s seisiún. Since starting it back in 2004, along with bandmate-hosts Brendan Brown and Anne Maroney, the gathering has cultivated a unique culture of musicians and enthusiasts. Anne kept the ship in full sail after I moved to Rochester (2006-2011), aided by Werner Ceusters (tenor banjo), who has maintained fb presence for area seisiún enthusisasts and played an important role in disseminating new tunes for folks to learn. The level is a bit higher now, but the attitude remains open and inclusive. Novice musicians are encouraged to bring a recording device to catch some of the tune sets in our collective musical lexicon.


I’m a day early it seems! Flight attendant arriving at 6 PM in Buffalo and staying at the Garden Palace. If anyone wants to get together for tunes, or if there is something I shouldn’t miss this Friday night, Sept 18, 2015, hit me up 808-633-3629. I have my tenor banjo and a s(*&^ load of tunes in my repertoire ready to break out!

I would also be up for doing something other than tunes…first overnight in Buffalo…


Re: Nietzsche’s

The Nietzsche’s session is still active. Come on down for some tunes if you’re in the area 🙂