Market Inn

East Street, Faversham, Kent, England

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Market Inn

An Irish Session which used to be held in the Bull in Faversham. Local players and visitors of any level are very welcome. Starts at 8.00 and winds up about 10.30 on the THIRD Sunday of each month. There is parking available both at the pub and on the street outside.

Market Inn

This session takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month. The Market Inn has a lovely space for sessions with plenty of seating and tables. The staff are friendly and welcoming as are the musicians. The session originated at another local pub in 1991 and is, happily, still running. All musicians and listeners are very welcome and we’ll look forward to hearing your tunes.

Re: Market Inn

For further updates you can also go to our Facebook page Faversham Irish/Celtic Session. The Session starts at 8pm.

Re: Market Inn - Sunday 21st april

This Sunday (I.e. tomorrow) the market has a party booking so the session will be at the New Inn, 19 Havelock Street, Canterbury CT1 1NP. It’s a lovely pub with a great atmosphere - we had a lovely time there on St. Patrick’s night. 8pm start as usual.