The Wolfhound Irish Pub

이태원1동 128-15, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea - Republic

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The Wolfhound Irish Pub

Players of all skills are welcome. We are a very open session made up of expats and local (Korean) players. We are also the only weekly regular session in Seoul.

Here is a google map:,126.9912432,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x357ca24a6914cd45:0x3b1f872ab923eb97!8m2!3d37.5340214!4d126.9934319?hl=ko

Directions to the Venue:
1) Take the Seoul metro (or a taxi) to Itaewon Station (pronounced Ee-teh-one).
2a) If you come by metro (subway) take exit 4. Come out the exit and orient yourself so that the subway exit is behind you, there is an IBK bank to your right, and the big, brick Hamilton hotel is on your left. Do not cross any roads.
2b) Opposite the Hamilton hotel there is a road branching off the Itaewon main road (on your right is the IBK bank).
3) follow the corner around keeping the IBK bank to your right.
4) take the first road right, and walk about 30 meters.
5) The Wolfhound Irish Pub is the big green building. Bar begins on the second floor.

We usually play on the second floor under the dart boards.
We try not to read to much into their placement of our session.

Re: The Wolfhound Irish Pub

This session has now moved to Hopmori- you can check the session listing for more info