Knolls Kitchen, Bar & Garden

162 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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Re: Bar Gumbo

2 Tuesdays in every month, (ALWAYS CHECK, dates on website and Facebook: this session is for early stage players on any instrument. It is led by a tutor from Glasgow Fiddle Workshop (GFW) from 7.30-9.30pm
This is a mainly SCOTTISH session with well-known tunes played regularly.
On one of the Tuesdays there is an ‘EARLY BIRD’ half hour before the session begins where one of the tunes is gone over or a new addition to the repertoire is added.
We have a developing repertoire of easy tunes, music and sound files for which can be found at the GFW Slow Session website.

fiddles, guitar whistles ukuleles mandolins cello and accordion are all in the mix at the moment.

Re: Cafe Siempre

This session has now moved to Cafe Siempre, right beside Kelvinhall’s subway station. Same schedule.

Check GFW’s Very Slow Session page for more info.

Re: Cafe KNOLL

The venue has changed hands and is no longer Cafe Siempre.

Re: Cafe Knoll

Is the map correct? The venue is nowhere near Dumbarton Rd.

Re: Cafe Knoll

Thanks Luke. I’ve updated it again and it looks OK to me.