Rí Rá

50 Exchange Terrace, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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Led by Fiddler Chris McGrath & fluter Teddy Scobi, starts at 5:30 (irish time) ends around 10 (again irish time). Oftentimes good set dancers stop in to do some sets. Beginer friendly but not for the faint of heart. Many players come down from Boston to this session.

Ask before playing

I would suggest that before dropping by with your instrument, you come to this session, listen, and ask to participate on a future night if you feel you are up to it. These folks play some pretty challenging stuff at some pretty blistering tempos.
AL Brown

Irish Time

Does 5:30 (irish time) mean UTC+0?

or does it just mean that people will show up late?

this session is down to once a month now. It is led by piper Pat Hutchinson

Re: Rí Rá

Trying to update my website’s calendar. The Ri Ra website lists a session 3-6 on sundays. is there any truth in that?