The Stag Inn

14 All Saints’ Street, Hastings, Sussex, England

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The Stag Pub

The first thursday of the month we have an acappela folk session all levels welcome. If you don’t sing but think you could, come and listen and join in the choruses until you get the hang of it or just come and enjoy the beer and ambience.

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The Stag Pub. All Saints Street the Old Town Hastings.


A weekly session, open to anyone.

From about 8.30 til 11.00, every Tuesday.
The pub is historic (smuggling) and in amazing ancient street with high pavement.

Primarily instrumental but singing too.
Not a place for showing off, but for joining in and enjoying music together. Fun.
Skill levels are competent beginner/intermediate to very experienced, but nobody is precious about it.
The tunes are Irish, Scottish, and a fair amount of English, and also Scandinavian / American and whatever.

Songs are traditional, even local, plus a sprinkling of modern folk (Dylan etc).
Typically singers will manage to squeeze in a couple of songs if they want.
Instruments WILL join in, usually to advantage.

All standards welcomed, and beginners can join in quietly without embarrassment, and even suggest tunes they would rather not lead.
Have 2 or 3 sets of standards to mind if you like to lead, or something we can play along to.

If the fast stuff is all too fast, then have a quiet word and we slow down.

We hope to see you there…..come in and introduce yourself: you will be welcome (as long as that isn’t a tuba you are clutching).

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24th Jan 2017
No session tonight. Landlord decorating.
So far no suggestion of alternative venue for the night.

Re: The Stag Inn

Tuesdays - Folk Session
Wednesdays - Old Time Americana/Bluegrass
3rd Thursday of the month - Sing-a-Round
4th Thursday of the month - Blues & Folk Club

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