Colie’s Café

Nazareth College, 4245 East Ave, Pittsford, New York, USA

  • Schedule: Monday.

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Colie’s Café, George Hall, Nazareth College

6-9PM. Directions to Colie’s Café are on this PDF:

Slow session, reading sheet music. Set lists here: First hour (6-7) is waltzes and airs.

No food or beverage is served (the “café” name is a bit misleading), though you can bring your own food or non-alcoholic beverages.

This is the slow session that was formerly at McGraw’s Pub in East Rochester and later T.R. Noonan’s in Egypt.

Re: Colie’s Café, Nazareth College

This now goes from 7-9 PM – the 6-7 waltz hour was trimmed off, and the 7-7:30 slot was designated for waltzes and slow pieces. Many waltzes go through the rest of the night as well, as it’s run in a round-robin fashion where people each select a tune as the lead goes around the room. Quite a big (and friendly!) group.

There are often performance sets prepared for special occasions: particularly in the month before certain holidays, there can be a lot of holiday-themed songs.

Re: ON HIATUS: Colie’s Café, Nazareth College

This session is currently on hiatus.

Re: Colie’s Café

The Mondays group has been meeting through the pandemic in outdoor settings for the last few months, but is unlikely to continue to do so as weather turns colder. It will not return to Colie’s on the Nazareth campus during the 2020-2021 academic year due to campus regulations on outside groups, but we’re looking forward to those restrictions opening up when it is safe to do so.

Please message me if you’re interested in attending the session in whatever format it begins to take!

Re: Colie’s Café

The session is still not up and running, and hasn’t been since last fall. If it resurfaces I’ll give this page an update.

Re: Colie’s Café

The Monday group is active again. 7:00 PM, mostly waltzes for the first hour but it’s a little more relaxed lately about that. Message me for a link to the tunebook folder they use.