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The Fork and Tap

There is session at the ‘Fork and Tap’ on Wednesday nights from 6 30. Its a lovely old fashioned local pub and anyone heading this way would be very welcome. As we are in such an out of the way spot in terms of traditional music it is always REALLY great to have new players and tunes! Free food and drink for musicians.

Re: The Fork And Tap

Dropped in to this session last week. Very welcoming, lovely venue and some great tunes. Message to Claire about the reels set we discussed. The first tune was Soldier’s Joy. I think I took down your cell no incorrectly. Thanks for the tunes guys

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Re: The Fork And Tap

Just to update here, our session is still going strong and we welcome all trad players.
If you are travlling without an instrument we have spares… all except pipes and concertina. Let us know in advance if you would like us to bring an instrument for you.