16 Mile House Restaurant

448 Broadway, Millbrae, California, USA

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Session Location Undisclosed

Learner’s / Intermediate Session. All levels welcome. Periodic Tuesdays 7 to 9pm.

Re: Behan’s Irish Pub

We have switched the location of our session to Behan’s Irish Pub in Burlingame so that we are now playing right next to the enthusiastic and fun bar crowd at this location.

Typical play time is 7pm to 9pm. Moderate speed. All player levels welcome.

Usually two or three Tuesdays a month.

Re: 16 Mile House Restaurant and Bar

OK now we have now moved the moderate speed Irish session to 16 Mile House Restaurant and Bar in Millbrae, CA. We are expecting it to run one or two Tuesdays a month (not every week). Email me to confirm play dates, times, etc.

Re: 16 Mile House Restaurant

Is there still a learner’s/intermediate session happening at either of these locations?